Friday, December 12, 2008

"CRITICISM is the forerunner of D-I-V--O-R-C-E" GORDON B HINCKLEY

Last month Joey had speakers installed in all of the important rooms of our house. So he can plug his ipod in upstairs and we can listen to it in the kitchen.

Last week he turned on some Sinatra and this is what I was listening to while I chopped and diced and sauteed in preparation for a dinner that I knew no one would eat.

She walks like an angel walks, she talks like an angel talks,
And her hair has a kind of curl, to my mind, she's my kind of girl.
She's wise like an angel's wise, with eyes like an angel's eyes,
And a smile like a kind of pearl, to my mind, she's my kind of girl.
A pretty little face, that face just knocks me off my feet,
A pretty little feet, she's really sweet enough to eat.
She looks like an angel looks, she cooks like an angel cooks,
And my mind in a kind of whirl, to my mind, she's my kind of girl.

Joey walked through the kitchen to get a drink and I asked if he thought I cooked like an angel.

Without missing a beat Joey replied, "Yeah. Like an angel of death."

Those Carlsons are so witty and quick on their feet. It is impossible to compete. And in this instance it was more hilarious than offensive. This came on the heels of two consecutive nights of someone barfing after dinner.

Do you listen to music while you cook?


SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Oh, that is rich. I wish we lived closer, I think our hubbies would enjoy talking about our dinner skills.

Jennie said...

Nice. You should do what I do: Have HIM cook every night. Don't worry, my kids barf after dinner, too.

Nat said...

That is funny! Is that a picture of your kitchen? If so, then I am completely jealous!

Congratulations to Emily! I have many gory labor stories, but they are too long to leave in a comment. I had a baby spend two weeks in the NICU and I almost bled to death with my last baby. I had one without an epidural...ouch, and another one was out in two pushes. Nursing doesn't hurt after a few babies. I didn't even get engorged with my last dude. I got a little uncomfortable, but that is it. Sorry you didn't get any comments on your last post!

kellyrass said...

It's funny because it's true. Why would you even ask that question? Did you think he would give you a different answer?

Aubrey said...

I hear you can get a killer pepperoni pizza at Little Ceasars for way cheap these days! Might not hurt to give it a try one night - if the barfing continues, don't worry about ever cooking another meal. Just don't be so harsh on yourself . . .no one ever appreciates a good meal till they go without!!!!!!!

I always get a good laugh from your posts - thanks!

Sarah said...

My grandma gets the "women's world" magazine. In the back of it they have little comic strips. The one was a mom talking to her son who was eating a meal, and she said "stop complaining, someday you'll tell your wife how good this was" I laughed so hard because Rory is ALWAYS making fun of my cooking. He always compares my cooking to his mom's which drives me insane! Maybe we should stop cooking altogether and work on our other talents :)

Nanette Gamble said...

I can't believe every one is so mean about your cooking. I would be happy to eat your food Suzy. And yes, I do like to play music while I cook. I usually don't like to cook and it makes it more fun.