Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday was this little man's 2nd birthday. We were in St. George and missed his party. Sorry Daymon. We love you. Happy Birthday!!

Daymon also just became a big brother to this little man a few weeks ago. We finally got to meet him when we were in Price last week. He is such a sweet little boy. I know there is probably no chance of this one turning out to be calm and able to sit still for 3 seconds once he learns to move. But I am crossing my fingers for my sister that she gets one who will not create messes faster than she can clean them up. I complain a lot about my naughty little man. But I have never seen kids with more energy than Emily's. It gives me a headache to think about. Good Luck Emmy!!

And today is Grandpa Jerry's birthday!! We are sad to miss that one too. He is the biggest party animal we know. Happy Birthday!!

Here are the kids with Joey painting a "painted pony" for Grandpa's birthday. Thanks for all the fun and thoughtful gifts in our 12 days of Christmas Grandma Patty!! We loved it. (These painted ponies were in everyone's 12 days of Christmas because Grandpa Jerry collects them. Isn't Patty such a thoughtful wife?)


Nat said...

Emily's baby is so cute! I loved the story of your Christmas morning! Ha ha ha!

Elaine Goold said...

What!!! You were in St George and you didn't even call me??@!!! Okay, you are way too shy! Maybe I'll get to see you once in a while when your parents move down here!!! What were you here for - taking pictures for someone? It is cold here! We even had a no school day on Dec 18 because we had too much snow! Amazing!