Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Alert

First of all, I would like to know what it was about the post below that made everyone so reluctant to leave me a comment? Was it all the talk of childbirth and nursing and pain? Or was it the evidence of child neglect at the end? sisters little one came a day early. Her water broke this morning at 3 a.m. and she was all alone. All alone with two kids no less. Anyone who knows Emily can imagine the freaking out that must have been going on. But I've been told that she was perfectly calm. Hayden made it back to town just in time to hold his new baby. Which means that my mom got to be in the O.R. and witness the birth of her 9th grandchild. Four out of 9 isn't bad, huh mom?

They named him Donyvan Blake. I am not too crazy about the first name, sorry Em. But the middle name is cute. Do you think she will mind if I call him Blake? That sounds tough.

So....ell me your gory childbirth stories. I know that can't be what made everyone nervous, who doesn't like to talk about it? How long were you in labor? What was the worst part? Also, I want to know if you cried when you held your children for the first time, you too dads. I think I am a robot. I didn't cry. I almost cried after I had Gwen because the nurse wouldn't leave me alone and kept telling me to sing to Gwen and to talk to her and I just wanted them to quit looking at me. My mom taught me early that if I cried when I was feeling shy or embarrassed that it would only bring on more attention. So I don't cry much. I really tried when my kids were born though, it's kind of expected. Especially for the mother.

And here is the more unpopular post ever. I didn't do a new post because I can't have a 0 comment post.

Dear Emily Ann,

I hope you are not too nervous about having a baby cut out of your stomach tomorrow morning. I don't want to bother you with a long pointless phone call right now. I'm sure you are doing lots of meaningful family activities with your children on this last day before their lives change forever. I remember all too well that toe curling pain you are going to get when you start nursing in a few days. Good luck with that. It always made me want to scream at everyone around me. (sorry Joey...) If you need any help with the whole uterus shrinking back to normal size (ouch), no sleep, screaming baby, diaper blowouts, etc. give me a call. Gwen wants Haylee to come for a visit and Daymon could knock over our Christmas tree with Max for the bazillionth time.
Well anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the ginormous Ziplock bags you gave me. Max finally found a use for them. (A supervised use...) If DCFS doesn't show up at my door soon, I will know my secrets are safe with you.

Your Loving Sister


Sarah said...

I'll comment Suzy. What a nice post about your sister and how thoughtful of you to ask about her experience with childbirth. If you don't ask then that's like NOT asking someone about the cruise to the Bahama's they took. Seriously, it's just plain good manners to want to know all the gory details.

Wendy Cassidy said...

Hey Suzy! You have such a cute blog and family... I've kinda been stalking you for the past little while:) I love the pictures that you take... I'm trying to start a little photography myself, and I love looking at your other blog for inspiration. I'm adding you on my blog if you don't mind :) Take care and Merry Christmas!

The Johnsons said...

Baby Alert is a bad title. I thought you were trying to tell me something. Wishful thinking. I think all women are crazy and want to know all the childbirth details its just plain and simple we like that stuff, maybe to compare it to our own trying to make ours better in some way.

Randi and Jackson said...

I'm never having kids:)

Jennie said...

My childbirth experiences were night and day. No, I didn't cry at either one of them. And, yes, I felt guilty about it, too. Okay. After Jameson was born, I thought, "that wasn't so bad!" But that's just because I had nothing to compare it to. But now that I look back it was aweful. My nurse was terrible and did nothing to help me understand what was happening. I was in labor for 23 hours before she realized that he was turned the wrong way and I needed a C-section. I had already been pushing for 2 hours. I was scared to death because my body was trying to push the baby out and the doctor was getting ready to cut into me. It didn't seem natural. I was in a lot of pain. Once he started cutting into my left side, I realized that I could feel it and that my epidural had worn off. So they put me under. I think I was too out of it to cry when I saw him. I had a VBAC with Paige. Labor was about 8 hours. I had a GREAT nurse who really put me at ease. My mom was there and we were all laughing and joking while I pushed. I really enjoyed giving birth to her. Of course, she wasn't breathing (her apgar score was a 2) and she SCARED me to DEATH!! But then she was fine. It just took a while. The nurses actually thought she had downs syndrome. Wow. That's a really long comment. Sorry everyone.

Crystal said...

I told Steve if we get pregnant soon that Franky is going to have to nurse until the new baby comes just so I don't have to get my nipples used to nursing again. Sorry Franky. And sorry Randi...but it kills. And sorry everyone who this was TMI for. And sorry for using annoying internet slang.