Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spike the Ultra Dinosaur

Joey is the shopper in our family. He is usually in charge of buying presents for the kids. He is addicted to shopping and I think it gives him a high to buy things. He even goes grocery shopping with me. So I was not at all surprised when a few weeks ago he bought Max an outrageously expensive gift (for a 2 year old). He said that Randi talked him into it. Randi also has a shopping addiction.

This is what he bought:

I think this is what Joey was envisioning as he assembled the childrens gifts in the basement. The kids come running into our room on Christmas morning, full of anticipation. They run down the stairs to see what Santa has left them. The looks of excitement and gratitude on their little faces are just melting Joey's his he is imagining this scene. But things never work out the way we imagine that they will.

Here is what happened.

The kids slept in. Late. But of course Joey and I were tossing and turning all night. So we finally woke them up. At 9:30. (Already a perfect Christmas for me.)

The kids were pretty excited about their gifts. For a minute.

Then Joey flipped "Spike's" switch and handed the remote control over to his 2 year old son.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! What the.............?!?!"

It was terrifying.


Hold me Daddy.

We tried for a little while to get the kids used to this fun little toy. We tried to show them how harmless and plastic it was. But it was ruining Christmas morning so we put it away in Max's closet. A few hours later we are all still in our jammies. Joey and I are playing Rock Band and we hear blood curdling screams from upstairs. Screaming and crying is not uncommon at our house. We hear crying a lot followed by, "Oh sorry Max, sorry." (Only sorry that she didn't stop right before she made him cry.) But this time both kids were screaming at the top of their lungs. I couldn't even imagine what was going on. Did they bump heads? Why are they both crying? Is there an intruder in the house? Without stopping to pause Rock Band, we both ran upstairs. When we finally got the kids calmed down, Gwen led us into Max's room to show us what was wrong. Imagine that they are both still clinging to us as if their lives depend on it. Spike is on his back in the middle of Max's room. Gwen told us, in the voice that you would tell a ghost story at girls camp, that she had gotten spike out of Max's closet and then Max pushed his "on" button. Oh how I wish I had witnessed this little act of curiosity. I am still laughing a little just writing about it. Joey is much nicer than I am. After one more unsuccessful go of trying to warm the kids up to spike, he packaged that terrifying christmas surprise back up. And we returned him the next day. The lady in front of me was also returning her own spike. I should have asked her why.


Randi and Jackson said...

That is so funny, we shoudl have kept the glass case. All I had to do to make Joey buy that was puch the button again. Its sad we buy toys for ourselves and not the kids, Spike was pretty sweet. I guess now he can find another family to terrify.

Jennie said...

That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. Jameson liked pushing the button for spike in the store. While it was behind glass. But I'm not sure how he would react if it were in our home. Ha Ha. Matt's addicted to shopping, too. I buy all year long and then end up with WAY too many presents. But Matt doesn't think I've bought anything because I'm not going crazy the weeks before Christmas, so he goes out and buys a bunch of stuff. He thinks they need lots of big stuff for Christmas, even though we have no where to put it. Men, who knew they liked to shop so much?

Melanie said...

This was hilarious. Ethan was afraid of Spike in the glass even. Joey should get a remote control helicopter. Chris and Aaron each got one for Christmas and they seemed to keep them happy.

kellyrass said...

Farewell, Spike. If you guys were smart you would have kept spike for punishment purposes.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I like that comment about keeping Spike for punishment purposes. They are so terrified, you might be able to just use the threat. . ."If you hit your brother one more time, I swear, I'll tell Santa you want SPIKE in your bedroom tonight!"


HA, HA, HA!!! That is too FUNNY!
I'm glad we didn't buy Spike!
He almost came home with us one night.

The Johnsons said...

Oh that is so funny and sad. Spike was the ultimate gift all my 3 and 4 year old preschoolers were asking for. I wonder if it was the same way for them. Poor Max and Joey!

Elaine Goold said...

Too funny! I could picture the whole thing! Your stories keep me laughing and smiling all day!