Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Max is doing "nervous fingers". But he is not crying.

We waited in a long line to get that picture taken.

Max rested. Gwen made a some new friends. She must not be my daughter. This girls name is Octavia. But her short name is Tavia. I heard her say that at least fifty times.

Max thought she was hilarious.

Gwen takes a lot of bathroom breaks. Max has horrible bathroom etiquette. So do I. Some people frown on cameras in the restroom.

We also fed Santa's reindeer. Gwen thought they were small. Max wanted to share their food.

Then we took a short drive through "Christmas Town". It was just a bunch of lame lights. But Gwen was so excited to drive through Christmas Town. So when we paid, I put in a little extra and asked the girl to say, "Welcome to Christmas town!"

Thanks for the candy cane Mrs. Clause


Randi and Jackson said...

Looks like fun! Where was that at? Was that the same lights in Spanish Fork? my dad used to always stop there on the way home and we would whine (or just me) and say we just wanted to go home!! I was a brat.

Sarah said...

How fun! You are a great mom, but I'm not so sure about the camera in the bathroom, that could create a lot of embarrassing moments.

kellyrass said...

Is Christmas town near Midget town?

Aubrey said...

Max is that darn kid that has to take a peek under my door in the dressing room isn't he?!! Good thing he is a cute little guy . . . . . . he will love that picture when he gets older!!!!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

This post was hilareous, I love your photo commentary and quirky stuff, you're too funny

Melanie said...

Cute, cute pictures. Gwen will go far with her talent to make friends wherever she goes. Max hopefully won't make friends in bathrooms.