Monday, December 01, 2008


It would be nice to take a trip to Switzerland, but I will settle for the Zermatt in Midway any day. Especially if my cute cute kids can stay at home. The Carlson girls were lucky enough to have 2 nights all to ourselves while the boys spent some time alone with the kiddies. There was good food, lots of shopping, lots of laughing, some inappropriate conversations and a few moldy shower curtains. I woke up the morning of our departure...sick. Of course. Dion was unfortunate enough to share a room with here go my apologies. Sorry for ruining your restful no kids, no husband sleep with my light snoring and my loud coughing. Sorry for saying weird/ rude/ inappropriate/ and or awkward things while I was hopped up on cough syrup. I am remembering all kinds of strange conversations. I also remember most of them ending with someone leaving the room. Sorry.

My mom is an excellent cuddler when you are sick. But she is never available when I need a good rocking. So when I had an earache and just felt all around yucky on our first night, I had just about screwed up the courage to ask Patty to hold me on her lap and rock me to sleep. What stopped me you ask?? I will tell you. This conversation brought me right back to reality:
Kelly, "Get off of me!"
Randi, "I just want to share your blanket."
Kelly, "Get a grip, I don't like to be touched!!"
Randi, "Come on..." (as she pulls on her blanket.)

I can never remember which of the Carlsons don't like to be touched. I will just ask Randi next time, I am always safe with Randi.

Kelli, for being the brave one and calling the front desk to ask for new non moldy shower curtains, and for someone to clean up the mouse poop.
Dion, for bringing lots of water, and for A.L.F. (We're laughing with you, not at you)
Patty, for all the food: dinner, treats, muffins, but especially the eggnog. And thanks for getting me some medicine. You're a good mom.
Randi, for helping me pick out cute clothes. Me haz cheezburger? Thanks for splitting food and food bills with me.
Kelly, for letting me use your straightener. And for driving us around so that we wouldn't get lost. And for the hand washing with fingerless made me laugh through the aches.
Joey, for not complaining about being ditched with the kids for 3 days. And for getting the kids ready for church all alone. (Except it looked like you had some help from Gwen with the wardrobe.)
And I know Jerry doesn't read blogs, but THANKS!!!

Did anyone take pictures??


patty said...

thanks for blogging about it and making us all look good. i hope you are feeling better. i think we all had a really great time. i should have heated up the eggnog to see if it would clear your head. yum!

Randi and Jackson said...

gross mom. I took a few pictures, they aren't good though. Its ok I will poest them because I'm not in any onf them.

kellyrass said...

I never gave you permission to use my straightener.