Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Who doesn't love GREASE? We let the kids watch it in the car on a recent trip to St. George. I have never paid attention to the words in the songs, until now. D-I-R-T-Y. I could not believe my ears. And of course Gwen loves when Sandy wears tight black clothes and cries to watch it everytime we get in the car. But alas, it has been banned. Maybe Joey will give in now and let her watch High School Musical??

Gwen loves to swim. She also loves to have her picture taken. I think it might be time for a new swimsuit. And more eating.

This is in the elevator. I was on top.

This was the best night of sleep I have ever had. In my entire life. I appreciate sleep more than when I was younger. The kids didn't move a muscle all night.

The next morning I headed to the temple to take pictures. I have a dilemma when I take pictures at the temple. I know I should be dressed nice on the temple grounds, but I get down on the ground a lot and climb up above people. So it would be inappropriate to wear a skirt. So on this particular day I showed up looking a little homeless with my fingerless gloves and white bubble coat on. I am waiting for the bride and groom at the entrance and guess who walks right out the front door?

You guessed it.

This nice gentleman from the quorum of the twelve apostles and his beautiful wife. They stopped and chatted with the little girl playing by the fountain and said "hello" to her mom. Then they walked right past me. I wanted to take a picture, but didn't think it would be appropriate. And then as I was texting Joey to tell him about my star sighting, I realized that I was wearing JEANS at the temple!! Click here if you don't recognize this celebrity.

And this is the cute couple who were married that cold cold December morning.

P.S. Dear Aunt Elaine, I thought you were in Disneyland or I would have called you. I promise. Get a blog already.


Jennie said...

That's crazy! I get all star struck around "celebrities," too. My roommate my freshman year of college was Elder Eyring's daughter. I went nuts. We just bought a new mattress and gave our old one to the kids. We're hoping they'll be so "comforted" by sleeping in our old bed that they won't need to crawl into our bed and we'll get a great night sleep, too.

Nanette Gamble said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have seen President Monson (before he was the prophet) a couple of times when I was leaving a Jazz game. He sits in the suites and was waiting by the elevator. I wanted to take a picture or say hi but I didn't know if it would be appropriate.

The Johnsons said...

Oh Suzy you make me laugh everytime I read your blog, I can so picture you at the temple.

Sarah said...

I can't believe you were wearing jeans!!!! j/k I'm sure he didn't even notice. Love the wedding pictures, where you were when I got married? Do you think we could recreate mine? The girl that took our pictures wouldn't let me put my train down and my MIL stole my veil.

Nat said...

I love that you called it a "star sighting!" So funny. Sorry for your what-to-wear-while-you-take-pictures-on-the-temple-grounds problem. That is a tough one. Maybe you should find some super stain resistant slacks. That way you'd be dressed up, but not in a skirt.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks came to our ward once. The hubs and I were teaching primary at the time, and E.Oaks came to sharing time. One of our boys was a Sunbeam and was not sitting reverently. Elder Oaks addressed the kids, and our little guy shouted "Amen" at the top of his lungs before Elder Oaks was finished. He looked at our little guy and said, "Do you want me to finish my talk and sit down so you can play your sharing time games?" Our sweet little angel looked at Elder Oaks and said, "When you stand right there, your head is really really shiny!" I was mortified, but luckily Elder Oaks burst out laughing. He toussled our kid's hair and said, "You're a funny kid!" So, at least Gwen didn't insult Elder Holland!

Melanie said...

That is so cool that you saw the Hollands! Maybe you could bring the "skort" back into popularity. I still see those at church every now and then and I admit I roll my eyes. I don't understand how you took the elevator shot.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

This is a classic Suzy moment, I think! I loved it. Since Damian's sister married Margaret Nadauld's son, we have been having so many "star sightings" it's not even funny. Like they come over to my house for dinner, not even funny! My sister-in-law was sealed by Pres. Monson and the rest of us were sealed by Elder Cook (new member in the q of the 12) He was Damian's stake pres. and the list goes on. It's too much. Oh, and thanks for mentioning the blog idea to my mom. . .she needed to hear that.

Elaine Goold said...

Thank you Suzy for your little note. It's possible I was in Disneyland. We were there from the 19th to the 23rd. Maybe we'll see you THIS year!!! Love you! I'm sure Elder Holland just thought you were a tourist! We used to have women in Alaska come to Sacrament Meeting in dirty smelly jeans and big huge parkas and big mud boots! And they weren't even tourists! They just lived on homesteads without running water and couldn't be bothered to change into dresses at the chapel, I guess.

Elaine Goold said...

Oh Yeah, and about the blog....I just live vicariously through Sarah's blog. She puts on plenty of information about me and all my kids and what else could I add?!@?!