Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My 15 Minutes of Shame

This morning I was on a deadline. I had to hurry and finish these. (click to see more)

Before rushing off to meet him.

This was not really my judge, but I did have to go before a judge today.

I have never been in a courtroom before.

I thought I would be nervous but I wasn't... until I got to the door of courtroom #2.

The door was closed. I hate walking into a room with a closed door.

Then there was a list of rules on the door.

1. Address the judge as "Your Honor". (What happens if you forget?)
2. No Casual Dress (uh oh...I'm wearing jeans)
3. No bikinis or tank tops. (maybe jeans aren't so bad then?)
4. Answer the judge with an audible "Yes" or "No"

There were more rules, but you get the idea. The rules made me nervous.

I slowly turn the knob and sneak in the back of the courtroom. There are 3 people inside. They all stare at me. One is wearing an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs. (Am I in the right place?)

I sit down. No one talks to me. The judge is late.

Finally someone comes in and tells me to come up to the front and sit right next to the lady in the orange jumpsuit. I'm kind of afraid.

I had to wait for half an hour for the judge to make an appearance. The whole time I am wondering what happens if you don't stand when you are supposed to? What if I say "sir" and not "Your Honor"? What makes them so honorable anyway? Are all these rules supposed to make you scared?

Then the Honorable woman judge walks in. She calls me Suzanne. No one calls me Suzanne unless I am in trouble.

It didn't go well. Apparently rule #4 didn't mean you can only say "Yes" or "No", but I took it literally. I was afraid to talk. I watch too much Judge Judy.

Still they weren't very nice to me.

I was seriously misled when I talked to a nice lady on the phone last week who may or may not work at the court house. On my way out I remembered that she told me to appeal a guilty verdict before I left the building today. So I stopped to talk to the clerk. She told me that I would have to talk to the judge about that. I asked if I should go back into the courtroom. She said she couldn't talk to me about it. I asked if I could borrow a piece of paper. She told me no.

That is when I started to cry. I knew then that there was no way I could go back into that courtroom. I will mail my appeal.

I don't cry very often. Sometimes I want to, like when my children are born. Or when I know it will end a fight. But I just can't do it. It is always at weird moments. Like the first time I went to the temple without my mommy. Everything was fine. And then it wasn't. And I cried for 5 hours straight. I cried while we waited in the chapel. I was still crying when we went to the mall afterward. I think Joey was trying to bribe me with a treat like you do when your kids won't stop crying. How about the time when I started crying out of the blue a few months ago right in front of my SIL Kelly who is made of stone. No hugs from her. Just kidding Kell.

So anyway, I drove to 7 Eleven to get a treat....and no debit card. Luckily I couldn't stop crying and that convinced some people to let me write an out of town check. Life would be so much easier if I could cry on demand.

Stay tuned to hear why I was in court. And to hear who gave me such bad advise.
(Thanks Dad.)


Sarah said...

Ugh! I have never been to court before but it sounds awful. Why do people have to be mean? You can get your point across and still be nice. I miss you like crazy and love your new Jack and Jill pics. You better come see me soon or it won't be pretty :)
PS I've seen you cry before, but only once, and we lived together!

kellyrass said...

Did you really want a hug? I will high five you next time I see you.

Naomi said...

Don't worry Suzy. I cry at ALL the worst times. Especially when people are being mean though. I had to talk to a lady at registration here at USU to fix something and she made me feel like the biggest idiot and didn't help at all. I only hope she didn't see the tears rolling down my face as I walked away. I don't want her to have that satisfaction. Maybe it's a girl thing to cry? Or maybe just a Smith thing...thanks a lot Mom and Aunt Lori! :) lol

Nanette Gamble said...

That would definitely make me cry too. I don't get why people have to be so mean... especially when what you have done isn't a big deal... am I right? :)
How come you had to change your blog address? Does that mean that I need to also?

The Johnsons said...

I would have cried too, if that was me. Don't ever hesitate to call and bring your kids over Shae would have loved it. Next time plan on it. I was thinking we should meet at the Manti temple one of these days and do a session together.

Loriannie said...

I am guessing this is about a speeding ticket.
I wish you would cry more. If you let yourself cry at appropriate times (like when your babies are born, or your mom comes clear to richfield) they wouldn't build up like that. j/k I love you!

Nat said...

My hubs works at the courthouse, so courtrooms don't bother me. (Only because I am not on trial)

I remember the first (and only time) I was on trial. It was for a speeding ticket, and I was 17. There were people in there that were charged with Domestic Voilence, DWIs, and Child Abuse. I didn't feel so horrible when the judge said, "You are charged with going 7 miles over the speed limit. How do you plead?"

I didn't get carted off to jail like everyhone else did, and I also got $20 knocked off the ticket fine for pleading guilty.

I am sorry you didn't have a great experience. I hope everything turns out well.

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Okay so I really want to know why you were in court. I cry at weird times too. Like, I never cry in good chick flick movies but in weird ones like Prince Caspian. Whatever, it was sad. By the way, that is the Derreck who was at my house. He is living up here working in the oil fields (Green River, Wyoming). Did I already tell you that? I can't remember. Oh, and how did you transfer all of your blog stuff to a new one. I have been wanting to do that for forever!

Elaine Goold said...

Oh you poor thing! Hey I found your blog! Hallelujah! I've been in court several times - only once for me but several times with my kids or with a friend who got a DWI! But it is always scarey and I hate it! I keep getting called for jury duty, but I keep finding excuses that the court seems to accept and so I haven't had to do jury duty yet - good thing because I would be terrified the whole time if I had to. Sometime I'll tell you about my stay in jail - you'll love it!

Crystal said...

WHY!?! WHY were you in court!?! I check your blog like everyday to find out...ok, so like 2 or 3 times a day. Ok, so I check your blog that often anyway. Jeez, I feel like I'm on trial here...

cara lou said...

Gah! I went to court once to contest a ticket for running a red light (which I did not). It was horrible. I had not idea what to expect or what to do. I left feeling like a complete idiot and loser AND had to pay $375. I hate courts and judges!

And cops.

cara lou said...

P.S. I cry a lot. Or...I have the urge to cry a lot. Like, 5 times per day. I rarely give in though.

1) I'm overly sentimental

2) I get my feelings hurt easily