Friday, January 02, 2009

Pink Christmas

This year I sponsored and participated in "Pink Christmas". It is a girlfriend gift exchange program and it is so fun. You pay to participate and to sponsor and all of the proceeds go toward helping different families at Christmas time. Plus you get a fun gift from your secret friend. In September you get a packet full of things from all of the sponsors as well as a little information about the girl you will be buying a gift for. So you get to spy on this persons blog for a few months to help you decide what to get them. In my case I decided to get my secret friend what I wanted. Sorry secret friend. In my defense she does like to cook and she likes AC/DC. I thought it would be perfect. But it does seem like a poor choice when you are looking at the pictures of all the gifts that other girls received. Click here to see what I mean. And if you love my gift choice, click here to buy one. (Kelly, I think Erik needs one.)

And here are the cute gifts that I received. Thank you secret friend. I know it is no longer a secret, but something happened to the card with your name on it before I could look you up. So it is still a secret to me. I hope you are still stalking my blog so that you can see this. P.S. Did you make this apron yourself? I love it.

If you are waiting for pictures from me....I am sorry. I am working on them. I promise.
If this is your family, you are in luck because I just finished yours. To see more click here.

To see what I did for New Years Eve, click here. Randi says it better than I could. She had me laughing so hard while we were shopping that I almost peed my pants. I tell you, those Carlson's are hilarious. In kind of a mean way. Make sure to read her comments so you can also see how funny Joey is. What did you do for New Years?


kellyrass said...

I had the best filet and the worst time. Not really.

Nat said...

It sounds like you had a fun New Years. We partied with my family. It was tons of fun.

I'm glad I can help you stay a step ahead of Max! My friend gave her son Spike the scary dinosaur. He peed his pants! They took him back the next day too!

Cyndi Barker said...

I am your "Pink Christmas secret sister's sister-in-law" does that even make sense? Anyway, I was also stalking your blog to see how you liked your gifts because we made the BELIEVE signs together. Her name is Angelic Jackson, and she did make the apron. She LOVES aprons and swaps.
Here is a link to her blog
Happy New Year!

Shauntel said...

I love the apron you gave away. I went to look at the other gifts and there really are some cool things, but there are some really lame things too. I think you should post on that blog why you gave what you did. Some of the presents of descriptions. Yours is funny. I want to do that next year. What a fun thing!