Saturday, February 14, 2009

Baby Legs and Valentines

I first saw these cute little "baby legs" on my friend Katherine's blog. Click here to see a cute pic of her babe wearing them. Gwen is a little old for them and Max is a little too much of a boy for leg warmers. But Shauntelle, you can't see her blog.... it's private (don't you hate that?), sent me an email about how to make them yourself. Here is the tutorial that inspired me to try it. (Nevermind, I can't access her blog right now either, so I can't get the link I used. If you want it, let me know and I will try harder.) Joey just happened to be out of town that night and even though we had tons of other things we needed to do, the kids and I ran to the store to find cute socks. We made them for their arms of course instead of their legs. Max's are made out of mens socks with an argyle pattern that we found at the dollar store and Gwens are little girls knee high socks. It kind of just looks like my kids are wearing socks on their arms, but they love them. Joey thinks we're weird. Thanks for the project Shauntelle. They were really easy and we can't wait to find more cute socks. Gwen wore hers to her preschool Valentine party and they were a big hit.
In case you are having a hard time picturing it, Max's "sleeves" look just like Gwens in the next picture, but his short sleeve shirt has longer sleeves to cover it. Isn't his haircut cute? Thanks Randi.

If you mention anything to do with arms to Max he breaks out a little "Do as I'm doing".

On Thursday Gwen had her preschool Valentines party. Max and I volunteered to help out, so we got to check out all the kids Gwen has been talking about. She talks non-stop about one boy imparticular (or inparticular??) so when we first got there I asked one of her teachers who the boy was. For some reason I thought that maybe Gwen was chasing a boy who didn't return her feelings. She talks about how they are getting married all the time and I just thought she was making a spectacle of herself at school. The teacher told me that it was the boy standing right next to her. She said that they are inseperable and that if they have to seperate them for some reason, that they both cry. It was fun to watch them together. He is just her best friend and if her best friend was a girl she would want to marry her too I think. She still thinks kissing is gross. I guess I was mostly relieved to see that she is nothing like me. There is not a shy bone in her body. At the apple store yesterday we were waiting in line for awhile and she walked right over to a little girl and asked her what her name was. I just like to judge the people standing next to me in line, I don't care what their names are.

Joey and I are not big on Valentines Day but since he has been subbing I thought it would be fun for him to get something at school while all the other kids were getting things. So we sent him a bouquet of black roses. I thought black roses would be appropriate for a guy, but I got a lot of questions from the ladies at the florist shop. I guess black flowers for Valentines Day is not cool.
I had a photoshoot today and while I was gone Joey cleaned the whole house for me for Valentines day.
Best present ever. Thanks Joe. Happy V Day.

What did you get/give for Valentines Day this year?


Sarah said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever. Your kids are so cute and so photogenic. I saw the leg warmers on Shauntel's blog, but totally suck at sewing. Maybe I will have to try it anyway. So... I got the best Valentines presents ever. I got a massage and Maid for you to come clean my house. I guess Rory could have done it, but it wouldn't have been as good!

Loriannie said...

I had the best valentines day. Besides a box of chocolates, an orchid plant and him taking care of me while had a migraine, the card he gave me had his FEELINGS written in it. It was the best!
I love the sleeves!Gwen and Maxo are so cute!

Aubrey said...

How in the HECK do you find time to do projects like that? You really must be a good mom.

Nat said...

Gwen sounds like a sweet little girl! I love the picturs. Cute kids!

Nat said...

Sorry for the typos. I am still getting used to this new keyboard!

And I think the black roses were a great idea! :)


Suzy, Your arm warmers are AWESOME! haha I love it.