Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top 'o' the Morning.

My kids were ignored a lot yesterday. I was working on different projects here and there. And then of course it was Monday and 24 was on. It gives me a headache to think of how much that Jack gets done in just one hour. Amazing. Sometimes all I do is sit on the couch for a whole hour. Not doing anything else. His life is a little unbelievable if you ask me. But I do love me some Keifer Sutherland. Even after that horrible movie with Sally Field, that I'm not sure how I saw because it was so filthy and I must have been 12 or so when it came out.

So in an attempt to hear everything being said in hushed voices by Renee and Jack, I promised Gwen that I would make donuts after the show was over. So at 9 at night we made donuts. Then at 10:30 we took some to a family in our ward. Don't worry, they have teenagers...there's no way they were going to be in bed at that time of night. The donuts were awfully delicious. They even had mashed potatoes in them. So Max had a late dinner and even a healthy breakfast.


Nanette Gamble said...

Those donuts look so good! I can't believe they have mashed potatoes in them. That is so crazy!

cara lou said...

Um, I want to know why there are none of those in my belly right now.

Nat said...

Your donuts look tasty. How do they have mashed potatoes in them?

Randi and Jackson said...

Those look good, thanks for not bringing me one!

Shauntel said...

Oh my heck! You have a spudnut recipe! Can I please have it? I hope it isn't a family secret. I haven't had those since high school and the lady wouldn't share the recipe. I forgot all about the deliciousness. If you are willing to share Facebook it to me or email me.

A little bit of our history - said...

Suzy your blog cracks me up! I love how honest you are! So the donuts looked fabulous and the cake was very cute. I love the green and brown color combo and I have to say the brown on the bottom layer was cute. You did a good job! I do cakes on the side and if you ever want help, recipes, etc. I am here! I am actually doing an outdoor market in SLC april 18th. Do you have some info you would like me to distribute about your photography?? I would be happy to do so!

On another note. Gwen is not the only girl to hate her mom! Savannah told me the same thing somewhat recently and she also said just yesterday to Cody "tell my mom to leave me alone" and the will you be nice today question.....I have gotten that one before. I have also heard "I am so glad you are being nice today"

Lovely. We apparently are both raising very moody little girls. Too bad you only have one. I have two more that will be in this same stage soon enough.

Lucky me. ha ha.