Friday, April 03, 2009

more talk of myself

I'm not 6. But who cares anymore, right? These candle were marked wrong and ended up costing more than the cupcakes. Stupid candles.

Joey didn't cut my head off in the picture. He did however catch me mid dazed look on my face, half open mouth expression. So I cropped the sucker off. Notice the girlie who can't stand to not be in a picture.

Thank you Joey. I guess I look high maintenance when I wear these...someone called me Posh Beckham.

Thank you Patty...I loved the play and the surprise!!

Thank you Mom and Dad!! I love getting new make-up!!

Thanks Randi, Kelly and Patty for the gift cards with Joey's handwritten messages!! Just kidding! We are going on a shopping spree clean clothes.

Thank you Emily for all of the Jane Austen books!! I love that I can just tell you what to get me and you do it.

So tell me...what is the best gift you have ever been given? I am talking worldly things one say their kids.


A little bit of our history - said...

My new camera. Hands down. It was kinda a gift from myself and from Cody too!

cara lou said...

Hmmm...tough one. Maybe the perfume John got for me for Christmas? Sounds like you got some good stuff!

kellyrass said...

Your kids.

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday! I didn't know that April Fool's day was your birthday. What a fun day! My favorite gift was a manicure and pedicure my husband got me for mother's day last year.

Nanette Gamble said...

Looks like a fun birthday! I don't really know what my favorite present has ever been. Maybe my laptop because it was probably the most expensive.

The Johnsons said...

The best birthday present and its not fair to rule your kids out but mine is Paeton because she was born on my birthday and she is just like me so its been my most favorite present ever. Sorry nothing else compares

Sarah said...

I love my Sirius radio, my kid carrier for my bike, new books (or used, I don't really care). Those are a few of my favorites. I guess I am very materialistic because I could think of a lot of great gifts!

Julia Armstrong said...

I really wanted some cool art last year for Christmas, so Brandon got me some freaky cool art. (Frogs sitting around a table praying for thier Fly Roast). I love it, sad thing is...I haven't even put it up yet!