Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No piggy flu for me...I hope...I didn't go to the doctor

No one really knew what to say about the last post. (except you mom...thanks for not giving your alcoholic daughter the cold shoulder...)

Should we have an intervention?

Should we go pick up the kids? for good?

Well...don't everybody rush down to Richfield at once.

Joey forgets that I know his passwords too. Every once in awhile Joey will leave crazy,rude,crazy rude, or just weird comments on peoples blogs while he is logged in as me. I never know when he does it. Once in awhile I will catch him snickering and I know I'm about to offend someone. A handful of times I have been about to leave a comment of my own on a blog only to see that I have already made said blogs readers uncomfortable with my insensitive words.

But I'm too afraid to get revenge. What will he think up next if I start a war? I have no control in my household. I already withhold all of the important stuff for no good reason. I need some (more) self help books from the library.

Here is a sneak peek at what I am working feverishly on. Almost done...then I can return to checking blogs for my own awkward comments. (including my own apparently)

I have two questions:
1. I need something hilarious to even the score with Joey. (I said hilarious...not mean...Randi...Kelly...)
2. Anyone from Price driving to Provo and home again on Thursday? OR anyone headed down to Price from Provo that day? There's nothing in it for you if you are....but there would be something in it for me.


Shauntel said...

I am headed through Provo Friday or Saturday and coming home Saturday, would that help you at all?

Emily P said...

Cute!! I wish you were taking Haylee's dance pictures! I am happy you aren't dying anymore!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I just noticed your side-bar... I like it. Made me laugh. Glad you don't have Swine Flu! xoxo

Melanie said...

Kent's niece's Facebook status said something the other day about how bad her farts stink. I knew immediately her husband had written it. Chris will hijack Nanette's status too but he'll just write about what a good husband she has. Of course I've been known to write blogs for my daughters. Maybe you could write something on Joey's blog or Facebook about Hilary Clinton being his hero?

Sarah said...

I love the dance pictures, I know that little girl too. I am so excited you are coming to take Pee Wee pictures, I will actually get to see you!! If you need to bring the kids, I can watch them while you take pictures.