Thursday, April 09, 2009

No School

Oops. I promise I checked Gwen's preschool calendar before sending her off to school during Spring Break. And I promise that it says there is school today. They are learning the letter "w". But alas, I missed a note pinned to a shirt or a phone call or something. No school today. Boy am I glad that Joey volunteered to take her so that I didn't have to stand there looking embarrassed. Sorry Joey and Gwen. Joey promised Gwen not to tell me what they talked about on the way home. But he did let it slip that she thinks that I'm "just not a very good mom". It's true.

To see more of this cute girl click here.

Well if I wasn't being rushed out the door I would tell some funny stories. But I I won't.

Happy Easter!

Are you doing anything fun??


The Johnsons said...

Your an awesome mom Suzy!

patty said...

At least you didn't drop her off and drive off like I did to Dion on day. Someone called me and told me she was standing on the corner outside the pre-school. I could get the loser mom of the year award for that one.

Nanette Gamble said...

Kids are so crazy sometimes. We are going to have an easter egg hunt with Chris' family tomorrow and then on Sunday we are having dinner at Aunt Leslie's house.

slp said...

Oh, Suzy, I'm sure I've told you some of my "stranded" stories. When any of yours rival those, then we can talk about what kind of mother you are!!