Friday, May 08, 2009

anything is possible when you tie on an apron

I don't cook very often...or very well...but I love aprons.

Wearing an apron makes me feel like I could cook...or sit...and blog...whatever

The point is...I have a lot of aprons. Since the young lady cooks as well as I do, (she can already make her own honey sandwich and pour her own lemonade) she is starting to accumulate some cute aprons as well.

Max doesn't like to be left out so when we get our aprons on, he insists on wearing giant pink aprons himself.

Until now.

Look how cute this little boy apron is...

An old high school chum of mine, Natalie, makes these with her own two hands. And they are less expensive than any kid aprons I have found...AND THEY ARE FOR A LITTLE BOY!!

I got my apron in the mail way before she received my check....what great customer service.

She also makes way cute adult aprons and little girl aprons. She has great deals on Mom and me (or Dad and me) sets as well. I should have posted this earlier for mothers day.

Go check out her aprons here.
Or you can type it in:

Leave her a comment and tell her which apron is your favorite!

And of course the girl can't miss out on a photo op.

Gwens apron was made with love by her Grandma Patty (isn't it cute?)...but if you like it visit Natalie's blog and tell her you want one like it. I bet she can do anything.


Jennie said...

How cute! What a great idea to have little boys aprons.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Cute aprons. . .cute kids. Can I have them?

Nat said...

Your kids are adorable!
(...and so are the aprons!)

Sarah said...

Those pictures are adorable, I love them! The aprons are cute too, I am going to have to get matching aprons for me and my girl.

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

That's cute. I wish I could think of great ideas like that! I love the pictures by the way!