Monday, May 04, 2009

Donuts and Beach Bodies

Joey started Maymester at SUU today. So the kids and I had to venture alone to get Joey's truck repaired. I was afraid to ask anyone to meet me at the repair place and drive us home, so we just brought the stroller and planned on walking the 5 miles home. Luckily that isn't how it went down. The nice mechanic gave us a ride. Then we discovered that there was no food in the house. (Well...there were no donuts or candybars...) So we went on a little walk to the grocery store for donuts and slushies. We took a little shortcut through the cemetary. Gwen and I discussed things like...1.Why do they call it brain freeze? It's your throat that hurts. 2. She is going to be buried next to Tyler. He is her best friend from preschool. (I wonder if his wife will mind. Or if his mom will be calling me tomorrow after preschool...) 3. Gwen thinks poison ivy trees are beautiful...but don't touch. (It was not a poison ivy tree.)

The donuts we ate were not this shiny...but they were a lot bigger.

When we got home this was waiting for me on the front porch.
I decided to wait until the donuts (yes...I ate more than one) had digested a little more to try it on. I almost look like this in it. I have different sunglasses though.

I also have to mention some other awesome mail that we got. (Have I mentioned how I LOVE to check the mail? I hate Christmas because there is no mail.) Anyway, this is my cousin Sarah.
(picture stolen without permission)
I would direct you to her blog, but it's private so don't waste your time. She made my children, whom she has never even met, 2 dvds full of different cartoons. There are over 8 hours of new and exciting cartoons to entertain my children. She didn't just burn a quick cd...she fast forwarded through commercials. My kids are in heaven. Thank you Sarah!!

This cartoon is new to the Nick Jr. lineup since we got rid of our satellite 2 years ago!! (I know we are weirdos!! How have we gotten by this long without 100 channels??) It is the kids absolute favorite. They just can't get enough of those giant mouths that open at and close at different times than the words.
My favorite is Olivia. The one about the pig.


Nanette Gamble said...

That is such a cute swim suit! What is Joey going to school for? Ethan loves that cartoon also... well, he pretty much likes any cartoon that is on!

Elaine Goold said...

Oh man, I can't see the photo of what was waiting for you on the porch, but I gather from Nanette's comment that it is a swimsuit. When I clicked on the photo from my school computer, it said the site has been blocked for inappropriate content!!!! Which means they think it is pornography! Hmmmmm....... I love all your fun stories about your interesting life! What is Maymester - a month of classes at SUU? Is he driving all the way to Cedar City every day?

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

When you said "This" was waiting for you, at first I thought it was a sexy, tan woman in a bikini (tankini) and I thought, WHAT THE HECK? Did you get some skanky neighbors? I hope she brought brownies!!

And I'm so thrilled those DVDs arrived. I'm a little bummed that the 3rd one got erased. It was all the Disney Channel Shows. . .so now your kids only have Nick to look through. And maybe I shouldn't have had Ben help me pick shows to add, since he likes Scooby Do, Smurfs and all the oldies. .. but if the kids like a couple shows best, I really will burn them a bunch of episodes of 2-3 shows. . .just let me know.

Sarah said...

I love Olivia also. I'm glad to hear the swimsuit looked that good on you, I look like a super model in mine :)

Melissa said...

I know I am sarcastic a lot on your blog, but all joking aside, I'm sure you look better than that model chick in your tankini...

Aubrey said...

Unless those doughnuts you ate expanded your thighs immediatley - I highly doubt that you look like her. I will have to go with Melissa on this one. Maybe you should be their model!!!!

Melanie said...

I was having flashbacks of mine and Katie's 3 mile walk to get food when you said you were planning on walking 5 miles home. I'm glad you got a ride. The picture of the donut is making me very hungry since I'm sugar deprived. It's been at least an hour since I had a chocolate chip cookie!