Monday, May 25, 2009


Conversation on the way home from Home Depot today.

Gwen: "Hey mom...guess what? (no breath) Josh and Ali and Eislee and me played a game while we were at Eislees cabin. It was called fart-in-your-face-dot-com. "

Me:" do you play?"

Gwen: "You just pretend like you fart in someones face and you have cool fart names."

Me:"What was your name?"

Gwen:"Spiky that funny or what mom? Ali's name was Ted. Now that is hilarious....huh mom? And Josh's name was Ding Ding. I think. I don't remember. And Eislee had the same name as me...Spiky Pants. We were both Spiky pants. Claire didn't play but Ali pretended to fart in her face anyway."

She's gonna make a lot of friends in kindergarten with that kind of imagination. I don't want my daughter to be the weird kid. Kelly...tell me she isn't the one who made up the game. It isn't weird if Josh made it up. Maybe it was Eislee. I bet it was Eislee. She seems totally capable of coming up with a name that ends with dot com.
So tell me...what weird things did you hope your child got over before school started? Nose picking...bedwetting...thumb sucking...??


Jennie said...

nice one suz. Too bad Jameson wasn't there. He would have really enjoyed that game. I'm hoping that he gets over pooping his pants when he's too busy to stop what he's doing. Seriously, my two year old is better at using the bathroom than he is. Of course, it has gotten better. We'll see if it's completely cured by the time school starts.

Sarah said...

That sounds like a fun game, I am totally going to play it with Rory tonight. I am so excited to see you on Thursday, how long has it been? Anyway, Connor sucks his thumb and I PRAY he stops before school. Kadee pees the bed, please let it be a phase.

kellyrass said...

Josh walked in just as I was reading this. He saw his picture and started laughing. I asked him who came up with the game and he went to have a conference with Ali to decide. When he came back he said, "It was me." So there you go. They are obsessed with farting.
Josh wants to add something: hi.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

My kids think fart is the "F" word. Mostly because their dad thinks it is. He is SOO offended when people fart.

I've started doing it in front of my kids when he's not home so they won't be outcasts at slumber parties. . .you know, acting all put out when people POOT.

I just want them to have happy, farting lives when they leave home. What if they marry a farting pig and they are so grossed out they call me crying, thinking their spouses farting is cause for divorce? I don't want to ruin their lives by banning farting. I'm just saying.

Farting is NOT the "F" word. Will someone please tell my husband?

I mean, it's nice that he's not a farting pig, but he married one and I've tried to hold it in for 13 years, but NO MORE!