Friday, May 15, 2009


Max has started calling people stupid.

Mostly me.

I think it's funny.

But I don't laugh...I know someday it won't be funny and I have to be consistent.

When I told him that we don't say stupid he started calling me "stupidhead".

Still funny...but I don't let him see me laugh.

We are in a big power struggle over this "stupid" thing.

My sweet little boy has a bad attitude and he tells me to "go away" when I try to be the mom.

He quit saying "stupid" the other day and started calling me a "chonch".

I thought this was hilarious and kind of cute that he is making up his own words.

Then Gwen told me that it means "stupid".

He is definitely ready for potty training if he is smart enough to make up a substitute word for "stupid".

But before we started calling people "chonch's" at family gatherings, we decided to look it up.

It just sounds kind of dirty.

It is.

My son is 2 years old and already he is making up previously made up dirty words.

I thought this wouldn't start until at least age 12.

So now I want to know 2 things from all of you:
1. What is the worst thing any of your kids have ever said (and did they know what it meant)
2. What is a word that you have heard and had no idea what it meant?

Did you know the kids aren't calling it "making out" or "going out" anymore? Do you know what a Slue is? (sloo, slew...who knows how they are spelling it)


Jennie said...

You would think that being a high school teacher, I would know all of these things. I don't. ha ha! I guess I'm just oblivious. My kids are really getting into the potty language. Mom! You're a poo-poo head! Things like that. Yes, I think it's hilarious, but am, like you, trying to be consistent.

Lori said...

Suzy, i try to forget anything my kids have said but i remember the funniest day when Chad was really little and he was substituting the F for the T in truck, so he said he wanted to get in grandpa's #uck. I will never forget the look on everyone's face - i wonder if patty remembers

Crystal said...

One time I called my brother a bastard. I didn't know what it meant, I just heard it on a tv show. I know what it means now...and it doesn't really apply to him since our mom is the one who yelled at me...

I think I was like 9...I know it was after I was baptized because I was pretty upset that I was going to the other swear word place because I had used such an evil word.

Daisy is the word police, we can't say stupid or we get, hopefully she stays that way.

Loriannie said...

Crystal- It's messed up that you can say bastard without a substitute word but you substituted for hell. What's up with that? Just kiddin'- Suzy you know that I have no sympathy for you if you are having power struggles with your kids,turn about is fair play although I don't remember you swearing.

Emily P said...

Suzy, Suzy, Suzy, you get what you had coming to you. Just kidding. If anyone should know all the cool slang, I thought it would be you. Also just kidding. You are a really nice mom. I am pretty sure that my kids are afraid of me and wouldn't dare to call me any names. Max is so funny!

Elaine Goold said...

Oh my gosh! I had to look up chonch because I couldn't figure out how it could possibly be a dirty word! How funny! Okay, here is my funny dirty word story: When Briana was about 4, I used to buy L'eggs Pantyhose in an egg shaped container. Briana heard the phrase pantyhose container and thought it was the dirtiest phrase she had ever heard. There was a man who worked at our post office in Valdez, Alaska (we had to go there every day to pick up our mail from a box with a key). Someone in my family (maybe me, I can't remember) said the man's head looked like a L'eggs Pantyhose Container. When Briana heard that she giggled and for about a year after that, really enjoyed saying "Pantyhose Container" and thinking she had said something really bad. Once I heard her saying to her little brother Paul (2 years old), "Let's go downstairs so we can say "Pantyhose Container" all we want (giggle, giggle)." Kids are so SILLY!

Sarah said...

Julia used to call everyone "dipsh!ts". Marcus says sh!t quite a lot. He knows it's a swear word. his Dad swears all the time so I'm not suprised. It can't be me at all because I never swear. My mom says that HeII, sh!t and D@mn are not swear words.

Loriannie said...

I hope you know I was teasing you. I have felt bad ever since I commented on your comment.

Mindy said...

Aidan naughty mouth came out while we were standing outside the Bishop's office. He told the primary president and a large group of church goers "I'm not your sexy boy toy." I don't think she really understood him, but she saw the mortified look on my face and then Dillan told everyone what he said....COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE but hilarious all at the same time. What can you do?!

A little bit of our history - said...

you crack me up. Seriously! So the worse we have heard so far is the B word. Savannah learned it around age 2 and didnt say it much. She walked into the kitchen one night to Cody and says "b&*ch! Sorry!" It was so funny. However she had learned somehow to spell it so when I was telling the story to someone on the phone she again repeated it after hearing me spell it. Oh and "damn it" has made an appearance in this house too.

Oh and dont feel bad about your neighbors hearing you through open windows. I bet my neighbors (all 2 of them) think I am the meanest mom on the street! ha ha. If they only could see what the kids are doing to provoke it.....

A little bit of our history - said...

oh and you could have it worse. My cousin when about Max's age walked around saying "vagina" all the day long. No joke.

By the way what does Max's new found word mean?