Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am having a bad 18-24 months.

That is the time frame I was given at my orthodontic consultation in October of 2007.

Almost up.

Gwen can. not. wait.

I found this masterpiece in her backpack awhile ago and Joey has been dying to show the world.

And the good news, Joey, is that I found this drawing in one of my "piles".

Which means I was going through a "pile".

I even threw stuff away. None of it was mine of course.

Take a close look at what my daughter thinks of my pimples and my (s)...plural because I think she drew two. And is the house on fire by my head? Oh dear. Click the picture if you can and take a closer look at my grill.

Me so sad.
In Gwen's artistic defense...braces are hard to draw with a smile.


Nat said...

Ha ha ha! You are beautiful! I've popped up in a few of my kids's pictures like that...without the braces!

Loriannie said...

Acyually, you should feel very important to Gwen. You are the one she took the time to draw the detail on. Ask a psychologist and I bet they would agree with me.
You are that important to me also.

Elaine Goold said...

Is that really you, Suzy!?!? So I liked your little comment about "piles" and how you were actually going through a "pile". Another way we are alike!! I have little (or big) piles all over my home and my classroom and it drives everyone else (meaning=Gary) crazy!!! He is always asking me to clean up my various piles and I always mean to, but when I start to look at them, I get interested in something in the pile, or I stop to read something in the pile or I move my piles from one place to another....

Emily P said...

I think that picture is so funny! I actually laughed out loud. Maybe that bang thing is a bow or something. I think that kids drawings are so cute. Gwen is hysterical! Come visit us!

Aubrey said...

That is hilarious! I think that must be a girl thing to draw that much detail. Boys could care less. Don't kids just give us the best self esteem?!

Melissa said...

I showed a lady I work with the picture and she said she has never met you, but she can tell by the picture that you are beautiful...

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Ha ha. . at first, I thought she was just drawing you as a mean demon mother, but now I can tell. . .it's braces. Too cute.

I've been watching that show, "Clean House" and getting depressed. Mostly because it reminds me of Grandma Prince's house and also, then I think, it's not that far off from my mother's house and mine. Only I think each generation is getting better. But I've been going through piles, too. Why do I HOARD so much stuff? I don't even know what the piles are full of. I did find my kids immunization records. I'd misplaced them for 2 years in an obscure kitchen drawer (I have 26 kitchen drawers, you know!)