Monday, June 22, 2009

Gross Fireworks Kiss

I entered this picture in a 4th of July art show and it needs a name.  
And then they let me know that they didn't have very many entries and needed more.  So I need names for these ones too.

My little girl has decided way too early that she will no longer kiss me on the lips.  And if she ever sees anyone else kissing she covers her eyes and says, "TELL ME WHEN IT'S OVER!!"

She wants to name this entry "Gross Kissing"

So help me think of more appropriate names for these entries.  I think naming pictures is stupid.  I'm not creative...I can't think of anything.  

I will send something special to the creative person who comes up with the titles that I use for each picture.  I just thought of I don't know what it will be.  Maybe a 2 year old.  

P.S.  Happy Fathers Day Daddy and Joey and Jerry!!  Aren't Dad's great?  Sorry that Fathers Day is the only day that we are required to be nice to you. (According to Gwen...and also according to my behavior.)


patty said...

how about 'Heartburn' for the one of Jackson and Randi. Randi always has it and she likes to give it to Jackson. Sorry Randi, just trying to help Suzy.

Crystal said...

1st- 'From a Hole in the Ground' (Read the wikipedia article about richfield) or 'Frisbee' because that is where the frisbee was invented.

2nd- Sparkle

3rd- Free Love (freedom, love, you see what I mean...also, Like patty's idea better though).

kellyrass said...

Rude ideas:

Randi & Jackson: "Two unattractive people kissing."

Gwen: "Orphan with sparkler"

Pole: "Boring Pole"

Jennie said...

I'm not creative, either. And neither are the professionals. Haven't you ever been to an art gallery and the paintings are named things like "number 1", "number 2" and "Gwen with sparkler." My totally unoriginal uninspired themes are

"Flag in Richfield"
"Gwen with sparkler"
"number 3"

Maybe my ideas will inspire you to choose someone elses...

suzy said...

Wow Kelly...maybe I won't be putting anything in the art show...

kellyrass said...

Oh Suzy - the pictures are AMAZING I am just being hilarious. I am waiting for Randi's reaction.

Randi and Jackson said...

#3. How about not even putting this one of me and Jackson in. Obviously it sets me up for humiliation from family!
Here's one
2 Idiot's find love.

Loriannie said...

Here are my attempts at humor-
#1- Freedom begins at the polls (poles)
#2-Nanas little sparkler (ok, that was dumb but I love the picture)
#3- Personal fireworks. (Hey, I kinda like that one)
If a picture is supposed to be 1000 words, why do they need a title?

Nanette Gamble said...

I'm not creative in naming pictures either, but those are some really great pictures! I like the different effects you put on them.

Sarah said...

You have some pretty hilarious comments. Kelly is pretty funny. I wish I could come up with something witty and creative, oh well! Good luck!

Leslie said...

I like your moms Freedom begins at the polls :0) Oh... this isn't a voting contest? lol