Monday, June 08, 2009

Swim Lessons

I finally got Gwen into swim lessons!!  She starts today.  First thing this morning, she went upstairs to get her suit on.  Pretty soon I hear teenage girl crying and she wails as she walks down the stairs, "I doon't have a swim suit that fiiiitttts meeeee!!"  We went swimming 3 days ago.  Good gracious.  

Max isn't old enough to take lessons at the place that I got Gwen into.  But he has to go with me and watch the lesson.  He is going to be so sad.  Should I get a babysitter?

We had some company yesterday.  First my sister and her family stopped for a bit and we got some cute pictures of her little thumbsucker.  

And we got to give her her birthday present...a few days late.  And not wrapped.  I still haven't given my other sister her birthday present and it was 2 months ago.  Oops.  But I did finally give my mom her mothers day present when she stopped in for dinner last night.  I am a bad present giver.  What can I say?  Here is the awesome present Joey picked out for Em:

For my birthday she got me some real Jane Austen I thought it would be fitting to get her this.  When Max saw the cover he said, "She got an hote."  (hote=hurt with a speech impediment.)


Leslie Dawnee said...

You're a good present giver. You just want visitors so I think you got it right. If you want your present, you gotta come and get it! lol

Naomi said...

Is that a real book?! It looks awesome, where did you get it? I need to get myself a copy.

Melissa said...

I don't need a present Suz, but yeah, I'm long overdue for a visit seeing as how I've never been to your new house....that's not new anymore- I suck!

Melanie said...

I bet Jane Austen is rolling over in her grave. (I just thought about that saying. It sounds like she just needs to reposition, not that she's upset!)