Tuesday, July 14, 2009

burnt pancakes for dinner... it's that kind of day

messy house

deleted wedding pictures

data rescue...to the rescue

slow computer

frozen photoshop

file recovery...estimated time remaining: 32 hours

can't reboot

getting nothing done

sick kids

5 o'clock naps (hey...you can't deprive a sick kid of a nap, no matter when it is)

dead phone

no charger

all day pajama party...did I brush my teeth??

my back aches and my throat hurts

and my kids are still awake


This is how my kids looked at 11 this afternoon...and I am paying for it now.

(And yes the kids did sleep on the couch last night...but not in those clothes...these pictures are old. )



Jennie said...
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Jennie said...

Those kinds of days really suck. So sorry. I HATE it when my kids think they need to go to bed at 5 or 6, and then wake up at 10 and are wide awake. What I hated about yesterday (and you caught me on a good hating day) was that when Matt was done shopping at Walmart, he went to start the car and NOTHING happened. No check engine light, nothing. We have no idea what's wrong. So we left it in the parking lot and are hoping to figure out today what's wrong with it.
BTW, syrup does wonders on burnt pancakes.

Joey said...

what kind of day was it? tuesday?

Sarah said...

At least you got to talk to me, that had to have made your day a little bit better! The only thing I really hated yesterday was that Connor would not get in the pool for swim lessons. He stood next to me and cried that the water was too cold. I was so mad at him. He finally got in when there were only about 10 min. left. How come your kids can push your buttons like no one else?

Emily P said...

My crappy day was just Hayden leaving. The kids are usually still asleep cause he flies out early but this time he didn't leave til almost 11am. Lots of crying from kids who didn't want their dad to go and me trying not to. Still not nearly as bad as your day!!

Randi and Jackson said...

SOAR THROAT!! I hope I'm not getting sick.

Julia Armstrong said...

burnt my mouth on hotchocolate at 6 a.m. trying to stay awake as I drove out to vernal. Yuck! Did I mention my book on CD wouldn't work and when auto-pilot kicked in I drove for a half hour in the wrong direction? What a day!

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Oh I totally had one of those days yesterday when my four wheeler flew out of the back of my moving truck. I feel your pain! Hope things get better!

Encore Dance said...

Thurs was my bad day!! Wyler didn't take a nap when he was suppose to which is during my two ballet classes so I had to bring him and then Tatum woke up to throw up and Jared had me come get her because he's on graveyards. So I had both kids at ballet and I hope no one got the flu from Tater. She threw up three more times during class. I did Clorox wipe everything.