Monday, July 27, 2009

Cheerleading or Mothering...I'll take the pom poms please

Cheer Practice vs. Motherhood

I was recently told by a certain young lady that she could not attend an activity at the lake because she would be too worn out from cheer practice. I jokingly told her that I would be worn out from being a mom, but that I was still going to said activity.

She did not like that comparison.

"Cheerleading is WAY harder than being a mom...I can't wait to be a will be so much fun!" she says.

Here are a few cheerleading requirements for the Miami Dolphins:

1. Must be 18.
(No such requirements for might be a good idea though.)

2. Must be able to practice 3 nights a week for 3 hours a night...9 hours!!! Unbelievable!

3. Must attend school or hold a full time job...

Richfield High cheerleaders do not have such a rigorous fact, none of the above actually apply to them.
They ARE required to attend an hour long practice everyday...unless you need to miss it.
They ARE required to run a mile...unless you want to walk.

I told this young lady (in a joking manner of course) that I was going to tell her mother of her ungrateful attitude of all she does for her. She informed me that her mother knows that cheerleading is so much harder than being a stay at home mom... oh dear.

(walk away...she is only 16...walk away)

Now lets make a list of all we do as mothers...


Jennie said...

lol! That is the funniest thing I've ever heard of! Nothing compares to the exhaustion of motherhood! With baby #3 on the way, we're wondering when we're EVER going to sleep! Try cheerleading with two runts competing for your attention while trying to climb on your back and give you kisses.

Crystal said...

I told my mother a similar thing at about 14...that cheer and school and boy drama etc. was way harder than being a "stay at home mom". She laughed and told me to write about it in my journal. I laugh along with her everytime I read that passage :) Tell her to write it in her journal - she'll get it one day.

Chris Gamble said...

I appreciate the fact that stay-at-home mothers have a lot to do. They are an integral part of society. Another thing I find interesting is that traditional household roles have change, where men have been taking (proactively or not) more responsibilities. I hope Nanette appreciates it or I can do what that guy is doing on the chair and watch TV all night.

Thank You Stay-At-Home Moms!

Sarah said...

That is a funny story. That poor girl is in for a rude awakening! I saw your sister in law at swim lessons. Her little girl is in Kadee's class and is the cutest thing ever.

Encore Dance said...

Ha Ha! You should have totally ripped her a new one! JK I'm so glade Gwen came, she is so funny! cute kids:)

NatPalmer said...

16 year-old chick: "Those stay-at-home moms have it soooo easy. All they do is play and, like, do whatever they want. Never anything to clean or take care of... it's like a permanent vacation!"

I bet you can't wait to run into her in the future when she IS a mom and has 2 kiddos hanging all over her, throwing fits and causing mischief!!! Yeah, so easy.