Monday, July 20, 2009

The French are so snobby

Recently on Studio 5 on channel 5 they talked about online sale events and websites.

Joey and I are addicted to whiskeymilitia and dealnews among others, so I was excited to check out a few more.

Imagine my dismay when I surfed over to ruelala and it is an INVITATION only website.

I was asked for the email address of the lovely person who invited me.

Since no one did...I typed in the email address of the person most likely to be a part of an exclusive invitation only website.

But alas, Kelly Ann is not even a member...or at least not with the email address that she uses to correspond with me. Maybe she has a secret email for things like this.

I am not happy about being turned away from this website. I know someone out there is an existing member and wants to "sponsor" me. How silly, it is free...LET ME IN!! I'm sure I won't even buy anything....I just like to look.

So if you are already a member...I just need your email address. Don't leave it in a comment though...we don't want everyone else getting in.

Just joking. When I get in I will invite anyone else who wants to peek.

And one more thing. I hate the layout of my blog. I want to have a sidebar on both sides...HELP me. For real...I have looked and looked once and I can't figure it out.

Here are some pictures cause we all know no one looks at blogs to hear what we have to say...
To see more pics of these cute kids who are not mine click here.


Sarah said...

Those pictures are adorable. I can't wait for you to take some for me ;) I wish I was part of the elite group, but I'm not, if you get in, send me an invite!


I'll Invite you!....Check you email for your invitation.

Kelli said...

nope got nothin for ya, never heard of it, don't have an alias email but should...missed ya at bear lake.

suzy said...

Hurray!! Thanks Jocelyn! I should have known...haha


I only had your Jack and Jill email....So, check there for your invite.
And FYI...I think that there are better deals to be had elsewhere.
This sight is still so STINKIN EXPENSIVE!

Brett and Britanie said...

I love to read your blog you always right the cutest things!!!! But I would have to say this post is my favorite so far since you put my cute kids on it. Awesome pictures!!! Thanks Suzy

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

I have no idea how to do a side bar on both sides either. If you figure it out let me know though. I have a tutorial on my blog of how to make your own template though so maybe that might get you started.

A little bit of our history - said...

would you like me to design you a new blog? I know how to do that somewhat. I did this.

check it out and if you want help or for me to do it let me know.