Saturday, July 18, 2009

I do...

I am finished with cliffside destination weddings....

The problem was NOT my inappropriate footwear.

I can traverse any terrain in open toed heels.

The problem was definitely not all the bugs laying eggs in my camera bag.

I can handle larvae.

The dirt all over the brides lovely white dress? That is what photoshop is for.

I could even look past the extra hour of travel on an unpaved road to get to the ceremony.....

if it weren't for this...

It was so upsetting. (Kind of like that big blank space...can't fix it.)

No cell phone service.

Twenty miles away from the nearest town.

No spare. No muscles even if I had a spare. (Note to self...Go. To. The. Gym.)

But lucky for me the sheriff on duty was cousins with the groom...what are the odds?

I hitched a ride with the bride and groom...awkward.

And the sheriff-cousin got me all hooked up with a police report and a tow truck to tow my car back to RUBY'S INN?
In Bryce Canyon?
Will they fix my car? they can tow it.
Hmmm....what to do? Still no cell service.

Today I realized that I am lost without google texting. I need it...all the time.
When I finally had use of a landline and couldn't get ahold of my insurance agent of a dad... I had to call my brothers phone to get ahold of my mom...because I don't have her number memorized.

Apparently you can still LOOK at your phone and your contacts and even touch all of the buttons when you don't have service. Goodness.

This wedding did not end up being the most profitable thing I have ever done. Possibly the least profitable....ever. I charged the bride and groom a certain amount. The towing company charged me the exact same amount. And my insurance deductible is that same amount times 2. Good Gracious.

I just got the bill for this trip to the ER

And we are waiting to hear how much damage this totally unnecessary day at the doctor/hospital will be. We are talking chest x-rays, swine flu and other tests. All inconclusive. My diagnosis....common cold. Yep. That will be one expensive cold. Maybe worse than the mosquito bite.

Cross your fingers for Joey...he must be next.

(sorry Patty... )


The Johnsons said...

Oh Suzy! Sounds like one horrible day. I'm glad your ok. Isn't life fun?

Loriannie said...

So, do tou still want the high deductible? Just kidding, I am glad you are ok. Everything in life is a gamble except one thing... I will always love you!!!
(Ok, so will heavenly Father, your kids,your hubby, tons of other relatives and friends, your dad, your siblings.... you get it.)

Melanie said...

I'm so sorry! Were you crying by the end of the day? I would have been bawling. Things can only get better ... right?

Elaine Goold said...

What a crappy totally horrible day! Did it all happen the same day or over several days?? And is that Joey peeing by the side of the road??!! Is he Italian?! Cuz I saw that all the time the month we were in Italy!