Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Land of the Lost

In 5 years of being a mother I have never lost a child...until now.

The "how it happened" is a long story.

When I finally found him up the street and around the corner at Gwen's dance teachers house, he looked a little nervous. I'm glad he found a mom to talk to. This is the conversation they had as told by her.

Dance Teacher: "Are you lost?"
Max: "Can't find mine mommy."
DT: "What's your name sweetheart?"
Max: "Mine name Max."
DT: "What is your daddy's name?"
Max: "Mine daddy Joey."
DT: (realizes who he is) " your mommy Suzy?"
Max: (gets excited) "Yeah...and mine Gwenny sister!"

The whole time we were chatting it up, Joey was still out searching and having a little bit of a heart attack.

It was horrible.

So we took funny pictures in photo booth.



Nat said...

Such a good looking family! I am glad Max isn't lost anymore!

Elaine Goold said...

I'm so thankful he is okay! It is very scary to lose a child - I know from personal experience. I've lost several of mine several times! And I was always so thankful when we found them and they were okay. I'm sorry you had to go through that anxiety!!

Jennie said...

I hate losing my kids. I do it a lot. In fact, I'm impressed that you've gone five years without losing one. Well done. Once when Jameson was two, he escaped out the window while I was giving Paige a bath and went to his friend's house. I had no idea where he was. At least you realized he was gone. Some of the kids in my neighborhood tell me that their parents know where they are, but end up getting in trouble THREE HOURS LATER when their parents realize that they're gone.

Loriannie said...

Oh my Gosh!!!!!
I told you so!!!!!!
I am glad he was found!