Thursday, July 23, 2009

So Innocent...

On a little drive the other day Gwen said, " you want to have another baby?"
Gwen:"If we have another baby...will you be nice to it?"
Me:" you think I'm mean?"
Gwen:"All I know is you are NOT nice to me or to Max or to Daddy. If you want to have another baby you're gonna have to learn to be nice."

She totally turned the tables on me on that one. She really wants to be a real life Brady Bunch and talks about having more kids a lot. And I always tell her that if we are going to have more kids she has to start helping more and learn to get along with Max.

Yesterday in the car she said, "Mom...maybe we are just Heavenly Father's dollhouse."
(I soon found out she was crossing her fingers that this was the case and that it was really not me controlling the car. haha.)

When something funny or terrible or sad happens, how many of us make a mental note to remember it for our blog later? I know I do...but I always forget to write down the funny things the kids say. How many of us keep regular journals?? I have one that I've written in almost everyday since elementary school. It has been almost a year since I have written in it now. I know that my kids will be reading in it someday and I don't want a lot of negativity in it. So I set it aside for awhile while I was feeling extra negative. And I quickly got out of the habit. I also have journals for both kids that I have written in since they were born. And then when they are old enough to talk I just write the gibberish that they tell me to write. I need to get back in the habit of that because it is funny to read the things that Gwen felt were important a year ago.

I found a cute website that will turn your blog into a book for you. Apparently you can edit it and take out posts that you don't want to appear in your blog. I tried to do it and wanted to take out posts that weren't about the family, but it wouldn't work. It might be because I am using a mac...I will have to try it on windows. Here is the link if you want to check it was pretty affordable. Has anyone tried this?

What ways do you keep track of these fleeting years of ...happiness?


Melissa said...

See, I write in my journal every day, but I feel like I'm way behind in the times because I don't have a blog. I should probably start doing that...I admire your dilligence Suz :)

Sarah said...

I actually ordered my posts from last year on this website. I received my book and I love it. The kids love to look at it and see what I posted about. You are more than welcome to check it out the next time you are in town.