Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Winner Winner...Chicken Dinner

Last day to enter to win one of these!!

How perfect would this be for pedaling down to the market (Albertsons in my case) with perfectly groomed children.

And they can even wear a seat belt. I don't see how this would accomplish anything though. Imagine that you fell off the bike and sent it and your precious cargo tumbling. What is that seatbelt going to do? Especially if the seat is removeable? This bike is too hip for helmets, so just be careful.

Anyway, you have until tonight to enter to win, so click on the link on my sidebar to find out how...and to help me get a little closer to wasting my day peddling down to the market when I should be cleaning the house.


Randi and Jackson said...

You could also fill it with ice and peddle up and down the street selling drinks.

Crystal said...

Safety is sexy.