Thursday, September 24, 2009


This is what I wanted Max to be for Halloween. I thought it would be cute and easy.

But he always has other ideas.

He finally settled on BatMan. Which is cool with me. He has a batman cape that his Grandma Cakes bought him this summer. And I get to dress my little boy in tights and a leotard.

This one wants to be Snow White. She will be whatever I tell her to be. But maybe this year I will let her have her way. Maybe it will make up for the unicorn fiasco two years ago. (Thanks for the costume mom...) Or the hair dying fiasco last year. Luckily preschool was only twice a week so by the time the red dye washed out 4 days later, it wasn't too traumatizing. She is very vocal about NOT dying her hair black this year. She needs a wig. Maybe she could be Alice in Wonderland. Hmmm...maybe she will have to wait until next year to get her own way. What do you think?

Joey is NOT a Halloween lover like I am. But who hasn't noticed our robot costumes from last year? That was HIS idea. And even though that picture at the top of our page took a lot of tears and hurt feelings and is our only family picture, so I think it was worth it. Any fun ideas for our family picture this year? What goes with BatMan and Snow White. Gwen really should be Wonder Woman. Joey and I could be Magneto and I could be the naked girl with blue skin. I saw some unitards for sale at I shoulda snagged one. In gold.
Maybe this year I will ask someone to come and snap a quick picture so my little family with tender feelings can avoid the tripod/camera timer Halloween ruiner from last year.


Jennie said...

Halloween always causes trauma. I LOVE your robots from last year. So fun.

Randi said...

Joey is Harold Potter?

Elyse & Dale said...

joey is getting big. it must be my mother whipping him into shape.