Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toilet Talk

Max: " sit wid me while I poo?"
(I was thinking of what a hurry I was in and all the things I needed to do, but I agreed.)
Max: "Let's talk mommy."
Mommy: "Alright. What should we talk about?"
Max: " jus listen." (listen with a silent l of course...)
Max: "Mommy...She-hulk have pink undowears." (once again...silent r in underwear.)
Max: " sittin' on the tub? This is my potty. Uh-oh...that was a noisy poo. You can cuvo yo eaws. You eat my cookie? That ok. We go to gym? Where my daddy? He at school? We go in his school and twick him. Mommy...yo how is messy. (glances behind...giggles a little...) Oh have circle poo. You wanna see?"

How is it just programmed in men to want other people to see their poo?

Why is it such an accomplishment?

Why did I look?

Why do I ALWAYS look with plugged nose and held breath...just to please the little boys in my life?

And most importantly...why did my sweet little 5 year old girl come racing into the bathroom to check out this circle poo?

It really was was awesome.

The conversation didn't end there. He sat and grunted for another 10 minutes. I was saying a silent prayer of thanks for one less pair of poopie underwear shoved into a washer filled with newly washed clothes.


Crystal said...

Do you get picture messages of Johnny's poo? If not, be grateful.

Nat said...

Congrats on the circle poo. That is truly amazing! :)

Jennie said...

It will sure be nice to not have to sit on the tub will my kids poop some day...

Randi said...


Encore Dance said...

I love this post! Makes me remember when my grandpa would invite us to see his poo.