Friday, October 02, 2009

Families are Forever....sorry joe

I LOVE fall!!

But I've been thinking a lot about how it would be to move somewhere that fall doesn't show it's face, like St. George.

But I don't think I would mind just visiting fall when it comes around so that I could go back home to wherever warm place I live when fall gets too cold.

I have always preferred being cold to hot, but not since I've had kids. I am NOT a good mom and it is too hard to keep kids dressed properly so that they don't lost limbs from the extreme cold.

Speaking of motherhood, we had our primary program last Sunday. This was Gwen's part:


Luckily I helped her to memorize her part the whole week before the program, so I was constantly reminded to feed and care for her. I tried extra hard the morning of the program to be sweet and helpful so that I didn't get any smirks from Joey when Gwen got up to do her part.

I should have been the dad.

Joey is the one who teaches the kids. I am just not good at explaining. We always wait for Joey to get home to put things in a way that doesn't just confuse the kids more. In my defense, Gwen asks really hard questions about babies(making them mostly) and heaven and smoking and murderers and robbers and satan.

Joey is also the one who worries more about if the kids are eating things other than frosting and jam. Max is licking the jam off of his whole wheat toast as I type. I have no control over him.

I'm not sure that I ever blogged about Gwen and Joey's b-days. Oops. Happy Birthday guys.

Gwen is determined to make me look stupid. On our way to a baptism in Huntington, with no store to buy new tights at, she pulled on a string and made a giant hole in her tights.

Say good-bye to this brace face. These are coming off next month!!

Max eating "jam". It is really jello, but he calls it jam.

Thanks for letting me steal pictures off of your facebook mom!!

(And that is how you give credit for photos)
I would link to her blog, but she hasn't updated in a month.


Nat said...

Primary programs are the best. I am glad I have boys so they can't rip holes in their tights. Congrats on losing the braces!

Aubrey said...

Have I ever seen you without braces??!! What a happy day that will be (for Joey) - I saw those pictures on your moms facebook and I really just thought that it was the new style, heck they do it with jeans why not tights? She is so cute anyway I am sure nobody even noticed.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I've been catching up on your blog and trying to make new posts on mine. Too much time is going by and I have to stop being lazy. Anyway, you asked about something mean the kids have said to you and I have a funny story coming up. . . it was a drawing that Ben made of me for school. Not really mean, but it is about my fat stomach, so maybe. OK, I miss you and I'm sad I didn't get to see you when I was in UTAH. Since I owed you a dinner or lunch. I think of that IOU everytime I look at my beautiful toilet picture. It's the only thing up in my master bathroom and makes me smile everyday. Love you, sarah

Nanette Gamble said...

You should cut yourself some slack. Being a mom is hard, and I am sure that you do a great job! That is so exciting that you are getting your braces off!