Thursday, October 08, 2009

Halloween special + a guilt laced rant

Well, I didn't win the carseat cozy. Sorry Randi. But I'm not going to stop entering for the daily giveaways. Someone has to win, right?

Go check out the other website here to get all the details on this:

Would you just look at that cute little skunk? I was looking through old Halloween photos of my kids yesterday and I was just loving looking at their chubby little faces. I miss those chubby cheeks. But rather than dwell on lost baby fat, I realize that I need to take advantage of their present states of squishiness.

Gwen won't kiss me on the lips anymore. When did that happen?

Max loves me again. He wants me to hold him while he watches cartoons and while he sleeps and wants me to be near while he sits on the potty. He calls out for "Mommy" again in the middle of the night. (I enjoyed the break while I had it, but I love to hear those words come out of those little mouths.)

Last week while visiting Joey in Cedar City, we found ourselves stranded at the apartment while he was in class. There is not much to do there, but I found this talk on kbyu while the kids pulled each other from room to room in a sleeping bag. And then of course I felt bad for sitting in front of the tv instead of helping Max drag Gwen's little body down the hallway. I promptly got up and tidied up the apartment.

Here is my favorite quote from this address:

"Dispatching the pleasures of cooking good food
in order to slay dragons on seems
not that rewarding a trade-off. . . . "

Haha...I could switch out EverQuest for facebook, WEBKINZ, BLOGGING, and every other wasteful thing that I do on the internet.

Did anyone else see Stephanie Nielsen on Oprah? I didn't. But Joey did, so I stayed up late to watch the rebroadcast of it at midnight. Did anyone not cry? I have been crying for a lot lately, once it starts, it doesn't take much to get me going again. Although most bloggers know Stephanie's story, it is still inspiring to hear how her family supports her. They didn't think of themselves. They took her children into their homes, they slept on the hospital floor so that she wouldn't be alone. One sister even kept up her blog for her.

It seems like these things should be easy to do when they are for your sister that you love. But how many of us treat our siblings with LOVE and RESPECT like this? I think we would all like to answer that in a similar situation we would act as selflessly as the Nielsen siblings did...but how about today?

So tell me...

What do you waste most of your time doing when you should be preparing meals and playing with your children? (If your answer has anything to do with porn, no need to comment.)

Would you GLADLY take in 3 more children to your household for an indefinite amount of time?


Nanette Gamble said...

I was hoping to see Stephenie on Oprah, but I forgot too record it. I will have to look online. I love reading her blog. I wish I lived close to you, because I would love to have you take our pictures.

Nat said...

I waste time in so many ways. It is hard to pick just one!

Does Joey live in Cedar City? I miss it there...

kellyrass said...

I would have to take a look at the children first. Then I could make a decision.

Randi said...

I bet that "bad mom" that spent the day with her felt like crap though after. It made me feel bad and I don't even have kids yet.

suzy said...

Nat...he does live in Cedar. Remember when your son puked in the aisle at Roberts in Cedar? Haha...I think that was before I had any kids.
Kelly...don't worry, I'm leaving my kids to Lynn. Haha. Love you Lynn. Randi, I am that "bad mom". But luckily the kids were asleep in my bed with me when I watched it so I gave them a little squeeze and felt like that solved it.

Also, I just want to reassure anyone who might have been offended by this post that my little rant about siblings had nothing to do with anything that might or might not be going on in certain family circles. I was unaware of said drama. I am just offensive all on my own.

Loriannie said...

I think Lynn is a great choice! he will be a great dad some day.
I actually get sick of the facebook stuff because for awhile we spent way too much time on it. I can't beleive how addicting we used to think farm town was. Every time someone adds a new game I ignore it now. i am back into reading classics!

Emily P said...

You aren't a bad mom at all Suzy. You love those cute little kids of yours and even though we all have bad days where we feel like crap as a mom, you would do anything for Gwen and Max. And by the way, I am completely offended by this post. You worry too much about what people think. I know that doesn't sound like much coming from me, eh?

Melanie said...

I cried when I watched Oprah too. It was very touching and amazing. I thought it was cool that Oprah could tell how much Christian loves Stephanie!

The Cranney Family said...

I totally watched Stephanie on Oprah. She is an amazing lady. I have been checking our her blog too. It makes me want to be a better mom that's for sure. Any ways, sure, I'll take your three adorable kids :D.

Also, I have recently gotten into couponing. Most of the time I find amazing deals, but I do waste a lot of time doing it.

Sarah said...

I waste so much time playing Farmville on Facebook it isn't even funny. I am the worst mom sometimes. What is this Stephanie's blog address? I have never even heard of her (I have been too busy playing Farmville)

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

When we lived in CA I went to camp every year with Stephanie's sister, Paige. I remember her telling me how close her family was. . . she ended up moving back to Provo and is so happy there. I spend way to much time reading and playing WEBKINZ. And I do take in my sister-in-laws kids quite a bit. And they reciprocate. It's great.