Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Maxo!

Well this is a little late...Max turned 3 on the 19th! When we were getting on the freeway to go to the "city" I realized that I had forgotten my camera!! Lucky for camera phones I guess.

We met Grandma Cakes (patty), Randi, Claire, Kelli, Eislee and Kade for lunch in Orem. Thanks for all the presents guys! And thanks for lunch Patty!

Then we took Max to Build-a-Bear. He was nice and chose the puppy that I asked him to. Isn't it just so cuddly and cute? It reminded me of a stuffed animal that you would write a book about and that you would sleep with until some inconsiderate bully at school makes fun of you.

Max loved this nice lady who stuffed his puppy. He did everything she said and was so excited. Claire was next and definitely did not like this lady....or me taking pictures of her discomfort.

He dressed him as batman. But of course, that outfit was removed wasn't cuddly.

Then we took the kids to see Where the Wild Things Are.

I hadn't heard anything about the movie before we went to see it.

It was horrible. Joey liked it a little...but was also disturbed. Luckily Max fell into a deep deep sleep at the beginning and didn't wake up until the very end. Gwen watched it, and was a little horrified when one of the "wild things" rips the arm off of another wild thing in an angry rage.

I have read a lot of reviews now that say the movie wasn't made for kids, and if you are taking your kids then you are an idiot. (That's not a direct quote.) THEN DON'T MAKE A MOVIE BASED ON A CHILDREN'S BOOK!! Or at least don't try to cop out by saying that it wasn't made for children. Oh conniving.

This is Judith. She is a bi-polar wild thing. She is dramatic and selfish and crazy. She is the kind of wild thing that you walk on egg shells around because you never know if she is going to be your friend or rip your head off with her sharp teeth. I had a nightmare about her on the way home from the "city" that night. And I was awake.

I cried a little during the first 20 minutes of this movie. (And by cried, I really mean I cried inside...but I was still sad.) It made me want to hug my kids a little tighter and play with them more so that they never feel lonely and crappy at their own home. It was sad and the boy was bratty, but the mom was super what do you expect.

It was a horrible movie. It made me feel gross and dark for the rest of the when I used to watch R rated movies. dad has bad eyesight.

Max really wanted to eat at Chuck E Cheese for his birthday. So we convinced him that he really wanted to eat somewhere else. It worked.

Happy Birthday Buddy.

Stay tuned for homemade super hero awesomeness...

So now let's here it. Have you seen this movie? What did you think? Did you take your kids?


Sarah said...

Thanks for the tip on the movie, I definitely won't be taking my kids to it! You are such a great writer, I love to read your blog, I wish I was more creative with my writing, and my names...

The Johnsons said...

I heard the movie was horrible, I'm glad to hear you didn't like it either. We wont be seeing that one. Happy Birthday to Max! Sounds like a fun birthday.

Jennie said...

Jameson went to see it on a field trip with his school. And then they went to McDonalds afterwards (and they wonder why TN has one of the highest childhood obesity rates...) I paid for the trip before I read the reviews. And I was nervous. But he apparently really liked it. In fact, his favorite part was when one of the wild things got his arm ripped off and had to use a stick for an arm. It's all we keep hearing about. Happy birthday Max! (And BTW, 3 is about the age that Jameson started calming down quite a bit. By four, I didn't panic at the thought of taking him out in public anymore).