Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I love to see the DENTIST...I'm going back next week.

This little man had his first dentist appointment yesterday and he was SO excited. He loved the chair that went up and down, he LOVED the floss, he loved the x-rays, and he loved the dental assistant. Everyone was laughing at his excitement to be there.

While I set up their next appointment the kids were showing each other their new toothbrushes and floss and couldn't contain their excitement. The receptionist was impressed with how well they get along. The dentist just brings out the best in my kids.

Now I am waiting to see if he LOVES the "sleepy water" when he goes in to get his first filling!!

In other news, I sent around a MASS forward, which is rare for me. Late last night when my judgement had gone to bed, I received a text about how you should NOT accept the new dollar coins because they have taken off the words, "In GOD we trust".

Here is the coin.

So I sent it around to most of the people that I know in this world.

And then I found out that my information was incorrect, "In God we trust" is stamped around the outer edge of this coin.

Oops. I figured that people would learn this on their own and hopefully not associate it with my silly forward. (Or at least forget who sent it to them)

But to my dismay, when I checked my email this morning, I had an email from my cousin KRISTI who happens to know how to use the REPLY ALL button.

So I send out a bogus forward which is embarrassing enough. And then all of those same people wake up to a follow up email that says, "This is not true."

Haha...thanks Kristi.

Why can't we all learn how to take people aside to point out their flaws?

(You know I'm teasing you, right Kristi? I am really making fun of myself, not you. Don't worry guys, I know she can take it. She likes the attention.)


Nat said...

I sure wish my kids loved the dentist! Last week was a disaster, but at least we don't have to go back for a while. No cavities!!

Sarah said...

My kids love the dentist too, I figured I might as well enjoy it while they are young. The pictures from the preschool turned out so cute. You are so awesome! Can't wait to see you next friday.

Nanette Gamble said...

I have never taken my kids to the dentist. I am such a bad parent. I do make sure they brush their teeth though. I plan on making appointments sometime soon. I hope my kids will like it as much as yours did!

Melanie said...

If you can teach your kids to love going to the dentist now, maybe they won't be afraid to go when they're 43 like me! I'd rather have a whole host of female tests than go to the dentist!

slp said...

Sure, Suzy, I didn't get your mass forward of the bogus info! Everyone else that you know in the world gets it, but not me. I guess I'm just not that important to you.