Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sound it out....

This morning when Joey asked Max what he wanted for breakfast, Max replied, "Sound it out Dad." He has pulled that one on me a few times recently and it is so hilarious. What he is really saying is "figure it out". And he says it with such attitude.

If you couldn't guess, we tell Gwen to "sound it out" a lot lately. I just have to say how thankful I am for men and women out there who WANT to be teachers and especially the ones who are patient and kind. I don't think I could ever teach a child to read. It is hard.

Do any of you ever visit Give Away Today? Click here if you have never been there. They give away something new everyday. Sometimes they give away more than one thing. And you can usually enter up to 4 times a day. Today they are giving away a car seat cozy like this one:

I think it is finally my day to win and when I do I am going to pick out a cute grey and green design for Randi's bundle of Bo. I already have it picked out. Cross your fingers. I saw the other day that a girl has won 4 times!! Some people have all the luck.

Once I won a tv at Grad Spec and an inflatable raft at the wrestling banquet. I think all the boys were mad about that...but it was a good year for me.

So tell me....what is the best thing you have ever won? And/or what is something that you had your heart set on winning and DIDN'T??

(Mine was an engagement photo shoot from NicholeV a few months ago. How awesome would that have been? I was going to buy a new wedding dress and my braces were going to be off and it was going to be perfect. Oh well.)


Aubrey said...

I quit trying to win things because I NEVER do. I have terrible luck. My mom on the other hand wins something on a weekly basis - seriously. She is the Queen of "luck"! I can't complain because she will give me lots of the things she wins. I will keep my fingers crossed for you today to be the big winner!!! Good luck!!

Jenn said...

I've won lots of small things, but one of the best was a ju-ju-be diaper bag. I got to pick whichever one I wanted, and I have to admit that it was hard not to pick the most expensive one just because I could.

That darn Madsen bike eludes me week after week though....guess I'm not putting out enough vibes.

Nat said...

I love those pics of your kids! So so cute!

I almost won the Disney Land tickets at Grad Spec. It was between me and someone else. She won, but I got the computer!

Lori said...

well i know I'm a total geek - but i was in a golf tournament with a bunch of guys. I won a $400.00 driver and boy were the men mad. How dare they waste an expensive driver on a girl!! Best prize I ever won!!

Naomi said...

I think it'd be really hard to teach kids how to read also. I want to be a teacher and I used to want to teach elementary kids, but lately I've been thinking I'd rather teach older kids. They already know the basics and I can teach them a subject that I love :) Your kids are always saying and doing funny things, it's so great! I'm not very lucky either. Lol, I can't really think of anything I've ever one. Good luck with winning on that website! I'm rooting for you :)