Monday, November 23, 2009

Good-bye Horse Face!!

These bad metal boys come off tomorrow morning!!


Joey told me last night that he can't understand a word I say.

I know this.

It is even worse when I wear my bands.

And I have been wearing them a lot lately.

In anticipation for tomorrow!!

So sorry to anyone who has had to talk to me on the phone, or even worse, have a face to face conversation with me, in the last TWO years.

When I was in High School I wanted braces SOO bad. I loved how they looked. I loved how people's mouths looked when their mouths were closed. I know that is totally weird, but I LOVED it. Now that I get to have that awesome horse face look, I don't love it. You know how horses and other animals, monkey, etc. have really big teeth? So their lips have to work extra hard to cover those teeth when they close their mouths? That is the horse face look that I am referring to. Just thought I would clear that up. I don't like it and I am so excited to get rid of it.

The only negative is that I sleep with my mouth WIDE open. I drool too, but nothing can stop that. But when I wear my bands at night it is like wiring my jaw shut and my mouth stays closed. So good-bye to that. Oh well.

I have been noticing Joey staring at me at of the corner of my eye recently. I know that it is a look of disgust. I think 2 years is too long for someone to have to look at someone else EVERY SINGLE day with this hideous contraption on my face.



The Johnsons said...

I feel for you! I hated those 2 years of braces but oh how awesome your teeth feel when they come off. I'm excited for you!

Randi said...

I can't believe you've have those for 2 years!! Time really flies I guess when your making fun of someone else. Just kidding Suz, I'm really excited for you! Best day ever.

kellyrass said...

What if the doc tells you that you weren't very good with your bands and we need a few more months? If this happens I am an expert at removing them at home. Good luck!

Nat said...

Yay! I think it's funny you call it a horse face. As soon as I got my braces off, I thought I looked like I had horse teeth. They looked HUGE!! Well, congrats!