Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just Maui'ed

Eatin' at the Ritz.

Poutin' at the Marriott.




Right before she forgot that she knows how to swim. Who do I save...child or camera? child or camera?

Stylin' dogs at the swap meet.

Gwen is a poser.

Josh and Ali have no fear.

I think this one wants to be a mermaid.

View from our room.

Max didn't feel very well today. Sunday is a good day for feeling like a long nap.

I like the man behind me.

I am really here. Look at that water.

Whatever you do, don't look at the camera Joe.

A quiet little game of Simon Says after Sunday dinner.

The silhouettes on the right are Gwen and Josh. Josh is very patient with the younger kids. Tonight while we were lying in bed watching cartoons Gwen asked me why we can't marry family members? We have had this discussion before and I knew without asking that it is Josh she has her eye on. But she told me again anyway...(in a dreamy voice) "Mom...I would marry Josh if we could marry family members."

And then Max informed me that he is going to marry his imaginary teacher "Loki Toki".
He seriously has an imaginary teacher. It makes me laugh.

1.Did you ever have a crush on a cousin? I did...Benjamin Hulet. I will find a picture. He was cute. I'm sure he still is.
2.What is the best vacation you've ever been on?
3.What are simple answers for a 5 year old for the incest question?


Sarah said...

Love the pictures, you look hot in your swimsuit, you are totally my inspiration to get in shape. I never had a crush on a cousin, but my cousin TJ wanted to marry me!

kellyrass said...

I had a crush on a cousin and I am VERY lucky it didn't work out. Tell Gwen Josh is already taken. He wants to marry his friend Carson. How do I deal with that one??

Lori said...

Get this one....I thought Jerry's brother Steven was the cutest guy ever!!

The pictures are fantatistic - so glad you are having fun. Miss you all!!

Elyse & Dale said...

dang girl, you look so great in your swimsuit!!!! I miss Hawaii. It looks like you guys are having a blast! And ya, I had a couple crushes on my cousins, but on my dad's side. They are still hott.

Nat said...

How fun!

Aubrey said...

SUZY!!!!! What??? Ben - are you serious? That is so funny! I never knew!!!!!

suzy said...

Sarah and Elyse...thanks. It was the spray tan. Elyse, your cousins ARE hot. And Aubrey...totally serious. I thought Ben was the cutest boy EVER!!

suzy said...

And Kelly...what cousin?