Sunday, November 08, 2009

A New Addition

Randi and Jackson are parents!!


Carson Jackson was born last Monday night and they are finally home! I can't wait to go and take some more pictures! Congratulations guys!

Good Luck!

I remember the first two weeks of my childrens lives being the worst of my life. I know that sounds horrible, but I'm just keeping it real. I LOVE the day when my babies turn 1!

So tell me....What do you think is the worst stage of childhood? What has been the best?


Sarah said...

I wasn't a big fan of the new born stage either, I always say if they could come at 6 months old that would be great! I think so far my favorite stage is when they are three. They say and do the funniest things. I've heard a lot of people say it is way fun when they are ages 8-10, time will tell!

Melanie said...

He is so sweet, I love the little wrinkly feet.
I LOVE the newborn stage!
Really though, I have loved things about every age...But as cute and smart as Blake is getting, he is becoming equally as challenging. I think being a mom is pretty challenging but the sweet little things our kids do makes up for it.
And about your Wild Things post...I had Chad take Blake, thinking it would be so fun for them. But Chad said it was scary and not for little kids! I was so mad, because Blake loves the book. Thankfully I don't think it affected Blake, but I'm still upset about it. I guess I should have read the reviews, but I assumed it would be cute and fun like the book. I guess I will be smarter next time I choose a movie!

The Johnsons said...

I love the newborn stage. Its hard but oh to hold a newborn baby. Actually I love every stage. Its all a new adventure.

Encore Dance said...

6-12 months are the worst!! No sleep, teething like crazy, Crying cause they can't get around like they want,(or I want) and it's a guessing game at whats wrong. Gas? Burping? Tired? Over stimulated? Hungry? OH, big sister bite you... Ok.

NatPalmer said...

By far the worst phase: POTTY TRAINING! Ugh.

Nat said...

Cute, cute!

I actually love the newborn stage. Heck, I love all of it; except when they hit third grade and their teacher is a tyrant! It's the teacher, not the kid!

sweet {love.} shop said...

I love newborns...I think that there is something so intensely intoxicating about them. That might be how I wound up pregnant three times. Because I just remembered that stage and forgot everything else :)

So for me I think potty training is by far the worst stage of parenting. Its the one no one really tells you about as you plan to make babies, its disgusting, I am impatient and so are the kids...yeah it just isnt for me. I dread it like no ones business. so there you have it.

Aubrey said...

I would potty train anyones kids if they would take on newborns for me! I have not found a stage that I love yet - sad I know, but maybe when they are out of the house could rank pretty high!!! I stink at being a mom lately, so if I can get my kids in control then maybe I could have a "favorite" stage. If i did have to pick right now, it would be 4 years of age! No homework, you can reason with them easily, sleep through the night, and can entertain themselves!

Melanie said...

I think every stage has its pros and cons. I was just telling Katie though that Braiden's age of 7 months is one of my favorites because they sit there and play and smile and they still take lots of naps but don't get into things. I also like two year olds like Logan though who are learning to talk and can say, "I love you Nana" in his little voice on the phone. Then there are three year olds like Ethan who say things like, "The puzzle has a 100 pieces so it's a little hard for me, you understand." Teenagers are a lot of fun too.

When are you going to have a newborn Suzy?