Sunday, December 20, 2009

Remember those underwater shots I promised?

These are not those.

I couldn't work Joey's newfangled underwater camera. Apparently after you plug the camera into the computer, you also have to turn it on. Cheap camera, who knew? Besides Joey of course. He waltzed right in and uploaded those pictures like it was no big thing. Maybe I will post those later. Maybe not. I'm kind of lazy.

Randi and Jackson blessed their sweet little mini-Josh on Saturday.

Finally a picture of me, sans braces, AND my hair is done!

Joey is a giant. But super cute, right?

I am always so thankful to be a woman without the responsibilities of the priesthood, but especially on blessing days. Jackson did a good job!


Melanie said...

You and Joey look as cute as ever. Congrats on the no braces! I totally agree about the responsibility of the priesthood. Never envied it, always been glad to be a woman!

Nat said...

You and your teeth look fabulous!

Loriannie said...

Thanks for updating!
We are coming home tomorrow and will bring your Christmas presents.
It sounds like you might have a white Christmas! Did you get your elf video?

Elaine Goold said...

You are gorgeous! How nice not to have braces and have beautiful teeth, beautiful hair, a beautiful smile - you are just so dang cute!