Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lazy Susan

Have I mentioned that I'm lazy?

I am.

Too lazy to enforce any kind of rules, boundaries, or healthy eating habits.

Max's favorite food right now is "drop gums". (GUM DROPS...both of my children may or may not be dyslexic.)

Both children have been testing the waters to see just how late I will let them sleep in. Unless I am feeling super motivated and determined to make it to the gym, I have been tip toeing around the house until they roll out of bed at 10:30.

Gwen wonders why she doesn't get lunch before I take her to school. It is super hard to fit breakfast, lunch and basic hygiene into an hour.

When I threatened Gwen with some sort of consequence the other day she said under her breath, "You'll forget."

The disrespect has already begun.

She doesn't realize yet that mothers never forget.

But sometimes it is just easier to clean their rooms ourselves.

It is easier to pull them into our beds at 2 a.m. than to carry them back to their own....5 times a night.

Sometimes 3 hours of quiet time with webkinz is easier than entertaining them ourselves.

And frosting on anything is always better received than real least at my house.

Stay tuned for some of my latest realizations, such as:

Now I know why my parents hated me mom wasn't stupid

I don't love the sound of crying...especially in the middle of the night

Maybe two kids is enough for me


kellyrass said...

Wow. You sound like my kinda mom.

patty said...

I think if I had to pick one word to describe how we should be in all aspects of our lives, but especially in parenting, it would be "intentional". It's also the hardest thing to be as a parent, but if we are not intentional then life just happens 'to' us--like gravity.
Just an observation...because I relate!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I love this post. It's REAL. And did you mean that you play Webkinz for 3 hours or the kids do? We need more computers in our house because I never let the kids go on their accounts and they don't like me anymore.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

OK, so I'm like 3 months behind reading your blog. I'll get to it. My new calling and all these dang kids, and Webkinz are really keeping me busy these days. I loved your christmas card best of all and I want to put the photo of your family in your underoos on my blog. For my friends. So can you please email me that photo? And I might blow it up and frame it. I just love it and it brightens my day. and it will help me explain that my craziness is a familial trait. See guys? Look at my crazy cousin. . .It's in the genes.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Oh, one more comment. As I was staring at your family superhero pic. one last time before I go make dinner. . .you know. . .to give me strength to get off the couch. . . I noticed that Joey has really nice legs. Just wanted to comment.

kellyrass said...

I love my mom because she just totally schooled you in a really nice way.

Jennie said...

okay, now I have TWO crazy cousins (who comments 3 times on the same post?) ;) Yeah, though. I've been neglecting your blog because I want a body like yours, but don't want to workout and I adore junk food. I didn't get your genes. By the way, my kids still crawl into bed with us, too. If you ever decide that you want one more, you may want to invest in a king size bed. Our queen is too small for 5 people...

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Apparently we have both read the same book on parenting because I am the exact same way! It's ten thirty right now and Grant is still sound asleep. Midnight roles around and he is wide awake with me! It's awesome. I don't even think he knows what veggies are because I hate them so he never gets them either!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

OK, going for super crazy cousin that comments 4 times on the same post. It's my other granny that emails me everyday. If you count forwards as emails. Today it was lovely pictures of waves in Hawaii. Thanks Granny. I can't wait to read your tag. Hopefully, you can include something about Joey's legs in there.

Loriannie said...

Even though everyone has completely different parenting skills, and we tend to think ours are great and everyone else either needs to chill out or shape up (depending on which one we are) I think the both the best and the hardest job will always be Mom. If you think it gets easier when they are older, you are REALLY wrong!