Friday, January 01, 2010


Joey needs a new battery for his car. But he has learned to manage pretty well without a new one. His lights are never on automatic, the dome lights are set to ALWAYS be off. And he never leaves his keys in the car. Apparently if you don't take the keys out of the ignition there is a chance that the car is not REALLY turned off. As Joey was getting ready to go to Salt Lake to meet his buddies, he went to turn the car on so that it would be warm and toasty when it was time to leave. Oops. I drove his car last night to rent a movie. It was closer to the door than mine. But alas, no keys in the ignition. It drives me CRAZY when the keys are taken out of the car. I can never find them. He puts them up high where I can't see or puts them in his pocket and then changes his pants. So when I returned home from the video store, I left his keys in the ignition. I didn't do it on purpose, but thinking back, I think I did it to prove a point. So wouldn't you be mad when you tried to start your car only to find that it is dead AGAIN!!?? Joey didn't even get mad. He calmly asked me to start my car and went to get his jumper cables. New resolution? Maybe.


We didn't make any New Years least not out loud.

But if today is any indication, here are our families resolutions for 2010.

Gwen is going to clean her room every morning before breakfast. She is also going to play webkinz 5 hours each day.


Max is going to help me with the laundry and the cooking from now on. (He especially loves to taste the banana cheese before we through it in the cookie mix. Banana cheese is butter.)


And I am going to keep the house clean, the kids entertained and homemade food in their bellies. But I will be doing it in my pajamas with yesterdays mascara smeared under my eyes. And I make no promises once kindergarten is thrown back in the mix. Driving to and from the school twice a day really takes a lot out of me.



Loriannie said...

Please oh please DON'T let today be an indication of my new years resolution or it will read something like this:
I resolve to ignore the fact that I am lactose intolerant because the taste of cream cheese enormously outweighs the pain!
Your post was funny!

kellyrass said...

It's a good start. I believe what you really wanted to say is: I resolve to become Kelly.

Nat said...

Banana Cheese?! Ha ha ha!

The Adams Family said...

Yeah I think its so cute that it's called bananna cheese:)

Emily P said...

Your posts are always so funny, especially right now when I am crippled and don't leave the house. Please write more just so I can be entertained!!

Jennie said...

Oh! I hate it when they take YOUR keys and then change pants!