Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All the Pretty Girls

Look how gorgeous these girls are!!

I just finished a prom fundraiser for Richfield High's junior prom.

Prom is a big deal here.

It's crazy.

To see more from this shoot click here.

(If it doesn't take you to pictures of girls in prom dresses then try later. I'm not uploading them just yet. I'm lazy.)

It is Joey's first track meet as an assistant coach today.
And it's a nice sunny day and we are so excited to sit in the sun.


Nanette Gamble said...

Your pictures are so amazing. You are so talented!

The Adams Family said...

Good job on the pics suz! That is cool that Joey is an assistant coach. Is it at the high school?

Aaron [air] said...

So lets hear about the fundraiser. I am always curious about those things!