Friday, March 05, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

This is how I have felt for awhile.

My brain is mushy.

My house is messy.

I have a headache. All the time.

Speaking of blah blah blah....have you heard the song by the same name?


Makes me want to homeschool my children and glue earmuffs on their little heads.

If you haven't heard it, don't go searching.

Now onto another subject that I always think a lot about.


Has anyone else noticed an unusually high rate of disrespect everywhere they go?

Does anyone teach their children to respect their elders anymore?

I think the problem is larger than just respecting your elders.

But if you are not taught to respect your parents in your own home you will most likely show little respect for people at school and church and even the grocery store.

Some people might be rolling their eyes at my obsession with respect given my track record of feeding my children frosting for breakfast and fruit snacks for lunch.

Nutrition is apparently not the top of my list of important things to teach my children.

So tell me.... What do you feel strongly about instilling in your own children?

If you have a problem with someone, do you think it would be better to address it in front of other people where there is likely someone to have your back? Or do you feel it would be more respectful to take said person aside to discuss the problem? Or is respect just totally overrated? Any teenagers reading, please weigh in. Maybe my values are just plain old fashioned.


kellyrass said...

is this because you spent the day with my family yesterday?

Layne said...

I think respect is important and I think are parents did a great job at teaching it. I'm part of what you are saying though, I'm guilty of disrespect by telling someone what I think of them in a very public place but I felt they had disrespected those I respected most and so I saught justification in my action even though they where unjust in the same right. This person though was devoid all respect so yes I think respect is a very important aspect. If we gave no respect to teachers we would learn little from them and everyone in some aspect is our teacher even if it is by a bad example we should strive to not follow, learning from their mistakes. I respect that you take time for your kids and I think they get nutrition enough or else they would be having major health problems. :) Respect is showing love to others, I think, so it should be the most important thing to teach our children, love of God and of all others :)

suzy said...

Kelly, haha....I was totally not talking about you. Thank you for letting me use your house and for having cute kids and for dinner.
Layne...I love you. You are sweet.

Randi said...

I was going to say the same thing Kelly did. My brain hurts too much to think about this topic right now.

Elyse & Dale said...

I don't think you are old fashioned. I was teaching in a St. George school this past week and I had lots of little kids stick their tongues out at me and say "we don't have to listen to you!". Then I pulled the principal card. Kids are brats when their parents are stupid or when they don't think that you are their teacher. But about the poll...I think that it's good to talk to them in private so people don't get fired up and offended at being called out in front of a bunch of people. My teacher does that to me and I hate him. :)

Nat said...

You're not old fashioned. You're still in your twenties!

Loriannie said...

You know how I feel about respect, since I raised you, but I sure wish other people raised there kids that way. I agree with Elise that the parents have so much to do with it. My boss always says that respect is earned, but I think the example has to be set, too. I think it's better to call people out in private just so things don't balloon. Sometimes upbringing shines through when ANYONE is disrespectful to ANYONE OLDER than they, especially if that older person is a relative, teacher, church leader, parent etc.

Even though you might be respectful to your elders, does not mean you agree with them, just that you have good upbringing, self control, and intelligence.

Sarah said...

Yikes!!! I have a 5 year old who says to me during small group time "Everyone is human garbage, except for me". I said, "Wow, that was a really mean thing to say and you better not say it in front of me again". So it's not just teenagers, and yes, the parents are stupid. As Dr. Phil puts it, "you teach people how to treat you", so I guess parents are putting up with a lot of disrespectful behavior. I also live with a pre-teen who can get a little out of hand at times and I just look at her and say "you and I are not going to be best friends today are we, because I don't want a best friend who treats me the way you are treating me right now". Then she cries and I feel better about my parenting because I "zinged" her. "I like quotation marks, apparently".