Saturday, March 06, 2010

More Prettier

Gwen wanted to go to a friends house to play yesterday. I explained that I couldn't just call his mom and say she was coming over. This is the conversation that ensued.

Gwen: Why not? His mom thinks I'm cute.

Me:(Trying to steer the subject away from playdates) She's sure pretty isn't she?

Gwen: Yeah. She's prettier than you.

Me: Yeah...she's pretty.

Gwen: It's okay mom. You're still pretty. She's just prettier. (sighs) I wish you were as pretty as her.

Me: Well, what could I do to be prettier?

Gwen: could buy more stylish clothes.

Me: What else could I do?

Gwen: You could dye your hair white like hers.

Me: What else?

Gwen: Maybe you could brush your teeth everyday.'s a good thing I realized a long time ago how to use a mirror so that when other people point things out, I'm not caught off guard. Poor idolatrous little girl.


Layne said...

Ew, why would you want to die your hair white, i'm trying to keep mine from all turning white. How come you never read my blog now suz, i have some good things there now.

Layne said...

sorry i meant dye, but it would look like it hade died :P

Loriannie said...

Well, the day will come when Gwen will be more considerate of your feelings. I hope you talk to her about how being too blunt can hurt other peoples feelings. (She hasn't told me I am fat recently, and even though I know I am I still don't like it when someone tells me)My crooked tooth bothers her a bit too. By the way, you are very beautiful, inside and out!

Sarah said...

LOL, she is a funny little girl. Very blunt, I am actually a little scared to meet her.

The Belnaps said...

I love your Halloween costumes you look Hot and i love Joeys undies...I'm adding you to my blogl list. hope that's ok

Elaine Goold said...

I used to wish my Aunt Judy was my mom because she was prettier than my mom, but I NEVER told my mom that because she would have beat me up! Maybe you should beat Gwen up and then she will learn not to be so blunt. Course she may detest you for the rest of her days on earth. (I'm not saying I detest my mom, but something close) Hope she (my mom - not Gwen) doesn't read your blog and comments or she may come beat me up!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

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