Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have been busy.

If you are busy with things like reading and sitting around is it still considered busy?

I have been busy being lazy.

I love Netflix.

I love books.

I love Wikipedia.

I have been reading novels based on actual events.

Then I google the subject and read all about it because suddenly I am interested in things I have never cared about.

Sometimes wikipedia is not so accurate.

Neither are novels.

But I don't care.

I am obsessed with England right now.

I want to live there.

I don't want to live there right now though. Maybe a hundred years ago.

Or 500 years ago.

I would like to live a slower paced world.

Where people are polite.

And they die young.

Where women have no rights.

I always thought an arranged marriage would be awesome.

Ok, so the inconveniences of living in a different place and time are not so romantic.

But I think my birth got totally mixed up.

I would like to live anytime before 1960.

The sixties seem horrible. Nothing romantic about those years.

Maybe Stephenie Meyer should write a book that romanticizes the 60's.

Then all the girls will be dreaming that their husbands were doing drugs and sleeping around.

Seriously though, while I have been watching a ridiculous number of movies on Netflix (while I fold laundry and clean) and have been reading so often into the wee hours of the morning that Joey has spoken aloud the words "divorce" and "ruined marriage", I HAVE been doing a few other things.

And here are some of them.

Feel free to not be critical.


Sarah said...

It's nice to see an update. I love the pictures, Kadee's turned out so cute! Can't wait to see you in a week...

slp said...

It sounds more like a focus problem than laziness!
My friend in India was a fan of arranged marriages, too! But his pretty little wife wasn't! Even after 15 years, she took every opportunity to take the kids to visit her parents without taking her husband. He is a very nice guy, but not the best looking guy and from a lower caste than his wife--apparently valid reasons in India to resent an arranged marriage--imagine that.
I love you, Suzy! I hope you can get that focus problem resolved!!

Loriannie said...

What!? You don't think we had to arrange for Joey to marry you? Ha ha!
It looks like you have had a busy crazy photo shoot schedule. By all means unwind with reading, and net flix- I would like you to remain sane. (On a side note, I have remaned Dad,"Stevapedia")

Loriannie said...

renamed- I can't spell OR type!

Layne said...

You are an amazing artist, I don't think you hear it enough. I am in much the same way lazy, I work a lot but when I don't have to work I read. Everyone at work calls me bill nye. I read and look into words though. One word can mean so many things.

Emily P said...

I am glad you have been busy so I don't feel bad that you haven't called me in over a month. I am just giving you a hard time cause I haven't called you either. I am happy you are alive though. Your pictures are cute!!

Luke Prince said...

I want to live in England too. I just bought Wuthering Heights the other day. I want to live there! You've gotten a lot done! Why don't you have the pictures from our workshop up?

Elaine Goold said...

Oh Suzy, you are so funny! I love reading your blogs! I do the same thing - I watch a movie or read a book and then spend hours reading all the information I can on the person or place or subject on the internet. It's quite an obsession. The sad thing is I forget most of the stuff I learn that way. Oh well.