Monday, June 14, 2010

Delia, Oh Delia

Delia, oh, Delia Delia all my life
If I hadn't have shot poor
Delia I'd have had her for my wife
Delia's gone, one more round Delia's gone

I went up to Memphis
And I met Delia there
Found her in her parlor
And I tied her to her chair
Delia's gone, one more round Delia's gone

She was low down and trifling
And she was cold and mean
Kind of evil make me want to Grab my sub machine
Delia's gone, one more round Delia's gone

First time I shot her I shot her in the side
Hard to watch her suffer
But with the second shot she died
Delia's gone, one more round Delia's gone

But jailer, oh, jailer Jailer,
I can't sleep 'Cause all around my bedside
I hear the patter of Delia's feet
Delia's gone, one more round Delia's gone

So if you woman's devilish
You can let her run
Or you can bring her down and do her
Like Delia got done
Delia's gone, one more round Delia's gone

Johnny Cash

Dear Joey,
I know last night while we were driving in the car, neither of us speaking, that we were thinking hard about song lyrics. What else could we do?

I know hearing Johnny sing Delia's Gone hit home for both of us.
You wishing you could kill me.
Me knowing that you wish you could kill me.

Sorry about that.

I don't think I am "low down and triflin'", but who can really see that in themselves? I know I can be cold and mean. (I don't know why I didn't cry when our children were born. I think I have to blame my mom on this one.) But thank you for using restraint. The kids might not need me, but who would teach them anything of value if you were in jail?



Dunn4 said...

I peeked to see how many people had looked at this post and not ONE of them posted a comment...Well, what could they say? So I'm just going to say "SUZY......we all love you!" ;o)

slp said...

Such an uplifting post! Thanks for sharing little Suz!

slp said...

And Suzy, you can't blame your Mom for your stoicism--that comes entirely from me. Sorry!!

Elaine Goold said...

Wow! that must have been a whopper of a fight you two had! Glad you're both still alive to raise Gwen and Max!!!

Loriannie said...

Ha ha ha! I think you are a crack up Suzy! I really like your line about Joey not adding anything if he is in jail.
I know everyone is going to take this post pretty serious(or think you are disturbed) but... since I already know this about you, I can have a good laugh with you. (If I truly don't know you and you are serious, I will hunt Joey down, ha ha)