Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lots of words....I know....BORING

I hate when people say that they are slacking at blogging. I guess I shouldn't say that I hate when other people say it, but I would never say it because I wouldn't want to assume that anyone cared. So I won't say it. But I do feel bad for never acknowledging or responding to comments.

To show that I am sorry, instead of just saying it, I am going to pick out a few recent commenters and acknowledge them.

Lucy/Marion and Misha-sha-sha...
I am so excited that you were brave enough to leave a comment! I am such a blog stalker and I never leave comments. Hurray for new cyberspace friends!

Aunt Elaine...

I feel bad that you don't have a blog that I can leave return comments on. You should get one. I've been wondering lately the story behind you changing your name. Growing up I was told not to mention it. Or maybe I just had good manners. But I feel like I know you well enough to ask now. I think we are enough alike to know that you don't mind talking about yourself. I don't think you have lots of secrets. So let's hear it.
(Do you think I look like my Aunt Elaine? She is my doppleganger. What do you think?)

(These are her pretty daughters. The one on the right is my new best friend Sarah. If she wasn't so old we might have been best friends growing up too. Just kidding. When I was little they lived in Alaska and she was Miss Valdez and I was so excited to get her autograph. What a dork I was growing up.)

I'm sorry for tormenting you on my blog. I'm glad you can take it. See you soon.

I don't like your new job. You work a lot. I am used to being able to get ahold of you at the drop of a hat. I am taking you off as my emergency contact.
No, not really.
Between you and Patty they should be able to get ahold of one grandparent who lives over an hour away when I have an emergency. Maybe I should make friends closer to home.
I probably won't. I blame you for my social anxiety.
(You're still my hero...sorry mom. He was gone a lot growing up, it's only natural)

Marilyn, Jennie, Sarah...
Happy Late Birthday!
(And thanks for sending your friends over Jennie)
(That is Marilyn on the end on my parents wedding day. She is an amazing photographer and is so nice to share ideas with me and to let me pick her brain. She helped me clean my room once when I was little. And I always think when I am cleaning of her telling me that "everything needs a place". So true. so true.

This is Sarah and her gorgeous SIL. You are gorgeous too Sarah. (We were roommates in college. She totally knows what Joey is going through. I wish she would come and clean my side of the room again.)

And this is Spain. Lucky. She even has kids. And she didn't take them. Double lucky.

I miss you. Sorry I am self centered and never call. Or tell you when I am in town.
(But don't pretend like you all don't drive through Richfield on your way to St. G without even stopping to say hello. I don't care. Just as long as you don't give me a hard time when I do the same.)

This is my sis and her fiance and their combined children. EEK!

I'm tired of this.

Sorry if I skipped you. Leave me a comment and I will reserve a special space for you in a my next post.

Here is what we have been doing a lot of:
(in case he makes me take it down before anyone sees, it is a picture of Joey at the gym)

disclaimer: I MADE Joey take his shirt off and let me take pictures while he worked out. There was no one else at the gym, so he let me. But then people started to slowly filter in and he was such a good sport. Thanks Joe. Lookin' good though, right?


Sarah said...

Awwwww, I feel so special that I got mentioned in your blog. It was so good to see you the other day, I love that we can talk about anything even though we don't see each other that often.

Elyse & Dale said...

I would say DANG GIRL, but he's my cousin. That would be weird. Instead I'll just say that those supplements look like they're working.

Ty said...

What a stud!!!

Elaine Goold said...

Okay little twin (I can't spell that other word without looking back at your blog!): This is the secret story of why I changed my name. I always HATED the name Doris, but I was named after my mom's sister Doris who died when she was 12 and my mom was 9. They shared a birthday and so it was supposed to be a big honor for me to be named after her, but I thought it was the ugliest name ever. I had a Dutch friend whose father teased me and said Doris was a boy's name in Holland. I had an older brother who teased me and called me Boris Karloff (he was always the monster in scary movies when I was little). I had a French teacher from Texas who called me "Daaaah...ras" and I just hated it!. So I started having my friends in junior high call me by my middle name, Elaine. I really liked it, but was too afraid to tell my family to please call me Elaine because I knew my mom would beat me up. When I turned 40 and we moved to St George, I decided, "I am flippin 40 years old and I can darn well go by any name I want!" Such a rebel, I know. It only took me 40 years to get up the courage to defy my mother! So everyone in St George only knows me by Elaine and only my family and friends from Alaska call me Doris. And I try to forgive them. I guess your parents probably told you not to talk about it because your Dad was afraid of his mom too. Sad, huh? I hope none of my kids are that afraid of me!

patty said...

I always wanted my name to be Nancy. I'm jealous of car-wash Nancy. I liked Candy even better, but I knew that I was just not the 'Candy' type. I didn't realize it was a stripper name. We should all change our names at 40. I'll bet my Uncle Shirley wanted to change his.

Randi said...

Is that why you named me Randi mom, because it's close to candy but still a boy's name? Your too funny!

Elaine Goold said...

Patty, when I was little I named all my dolls Nancy. I wished I was a Nancy so bad! Funny, huh?

slp said...

All my friends dads used to call ME Nancy. I never could figure it out. Odd!