Thursday, August 05, 2010


Joey had to come home yesterday in the middle of finals week.

I booked too many photo shoots and needed him to watch the kids.

They missed him. When Max woke up Monday morning and Joey was gone, he was so mad he wouldn't talk to me for an hour.

They talk about him all the time and tell me how much they prefer him to me.

They draw him pictures and leave him messages while he is in class.

Yet this nighttime vigil was not for Joey, but for the babysitter the kids had been anticipating all day. He sat with the mosquitoes for almost an hour.

They were mad everytime I left the house and Joey stayed.

They couldn't wait for us to leave.

And they always complain when we get home.

Yay for babysitters!


Loriannie said...

What a cute picture of Max!!!
Babysitters were a rare thing for us when you were growing up, lucky you!
I promise my life will settle down in december so I can rescue your kids from you!!!!

Elaine Goold said...

Oh, this photo makes me miss Max! I had such a good time with Max and Gwen at the temple and taking them on a museum excursion. They are really cute little people - you are a good mom!