Thursday, August 05, 2010

#3..will I ever learn?

This happened about a hour ago. At 6. I always think I can make it last through the night. It never does. But once their little eyes close, it is too late anyway. Even 5 minutes counts as a nap to their little bodies and then I have energetic squirts until the wee hours of the morning.

I'm crossing my fingers this time.

The Rass kids came to visit today. My kids cried their little eyes out when it was time for them to go...and of course that led to tired eyes.

Thanks for coming to visit Kelly! Sorry I don't have Joey's fashion sense. Or any fashion sense.
Wear the vest!! of my favorite people started a blog. Click here to read it.

She just moved and we are all so sad.

We were hoping she would stay with us to finish school, but her parents like her a lot too apparently.

This girl is seriously so amazing.

I forget that she is still in high school sometimes.

She acts like an adult.

More than me at least.

Sometimes she is the parent at her house.

She is so unassuming and grateful in a world where entitlement is rampant.

And she gets me. That is rare. She doesn't get offended by anything I say and sometimes she thinks I'm funny.

She also hates to have her picture taken.

(Staci...I love you and Darren too.)

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Loriannie said...

Hey! today is August 8th and you are a couple of days behind this picture a day idea. Don't quit it, I love it!!!!