Monday, August 09, 2010

#5 Reunion

Carbon High 10 Year Reunion

(I didn't take these pics...I didn't take any that day though)

There's Joey in the upper right corner

There's me in the upper right corner

Maybe if we were drinking and/or doing body shots we would have made into more pictures.

Most of the people there didn't know who I was. Why would 10 years change that? Everyone knew who Joey was. I talked to 3 people.

No ex-boyfriends, not even any of Joey's ex-girlfirends. Boring.

Thanks for watching the kids Patty.
Thanks for the clothes Randi.
Thanks for the coldsore Mom.
You better go next time Sarah.


Randi said...

glad you went???

Sarah said...

Um, if it isn't at the bar I will so be there. I will go next time if you are there to hold my hand. I wish I would have gone to the park though.

Emily P said...

I can't believe you went to this. You said you were on your way out of town but that was just cause you were sick of me I guess. I am happy you went, but I said I would watch your kids. Were they telling you horror stories about the previous night when I was watching them?

Jonas said...


suzy said...

Randi...yes. A night with Joey and a babysitter that loves my kids.
Sar...the park sounds lame. And I will hold your hand next time.
Em...I really was on my way out of town. Promise. I was talked into it. I even had to borrow clothes cause all I brought to wear that day was sweats. Remember? Plus I felt too guilty to ask you to watch my kids all day. Max threw a rock at Daymons face. Plus lots of other stuff.
Jonas...I know. But I was in town and couldn't resist. I finally have someone awesome to hang out with when everyone else is ignoring me.

Elaine Goold said...

We just went to Gary's 40th reunion and it was boring for me. I've gone to his 10th, 20th and 30th and always had fun, but this one was so boring. I kept taking walks around the golf course to get away from it. Gary said he didn't want to have to "babysit" me - he just wanted to visit with his friends. So I made sure he didn't have to in any way "babysit" me! Hardly any spouses went this time, so all the wives of his buddies that I know weren't there. It's hard to join in conversations about a high school you didn't go to. I don't think I will go to my 40th in 2 years because I was not very outgoing in high school and I don't think anyone will know who I am. (You look so tiny next to Joey in that photo!) Oh yeah, I didn't have the right clothes to wear to the reunion. Gary wanted me to wear a kind of fancy long dress and when we checked to see where the country club was, it said "casual dress for a barbeque". I had only brought the dress and some kind of crummy clothes, so I wore the crummy clothes. I was embarrassed when I got there, because most of the women were dressed a lot nicer than me - I should have worn the dress. Oh well. Sorry - much too much comments.

Encore Dance said...

Ya, the reunion....I won't say too much cause I know I'll offend people. That's why I walked in & 10 min. later walked out. I really regret thoes 10 min. Yep, I've offended people, I'm not sorry for how I feel.